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1995 - 1996

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etc.)  The final one makes sense as "Possession of Cooper," but I don't
know why he called the one before that "part 1" of it.


... The Truth Is Out There -- The X-Files
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 85 of 384
 From : FRANK SWARBRICK                     1:104/825       . 26 . 95 02:58
 Subj : Kosh's Karaoke machine




... No one can hear when you're Screaming in Digital!
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : FRANK SWARBRICK                     1:104/825       . 26 . 95 19:10
 Subj : VR.5

On 05-21-95  14:10 Skip Shayotovich, the little pine weasel, said:

 SS> = A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Frank said: =

 FS> I'm curious to know if anyone out there (besides me) actually liked
 FS> VR.5...

 SS> I do... a lot actually, but I can see how it would be difficult
 SS> for someone who hasn't been watching it from the start to jump in and
 SS> watch any of the episodes.

Alas, 'tis been cancelled.

 FS> Anyway!  I very much hope FOX gives the show another chance, even if
 FS> it's their lowest rated one.  I hear that the new Morgan/Wong
 FS> (ex-X-Files producers) show Space is going to lead in for The X-Files
 FS> in the fall, so that's discouraging where VR.5 is concerned.

 SS> Really? I hadn't heard that... what's SPACE about, do you know?
 SS> If Fox does cancel it, I at least hope they don't leave us hanging
 SS> without a closure episode.

Found out that Space is going to be on Sunday nights at 7:00pm (6:00
central/mtn).  The storyline seems to be thus...

A group of first year military cadets are thrust to the frontline of an
interstellar war when a previously unknown alien race attacks the
Earth and destroys it's elite fighting squad.  Sounds pretty good!  I've
also seen it refered to as "Top Gun in space," but that's a little shallow.

I wonder how far the show has been planned out.  Hopefully they've
planned out in advance like Babylon 5 (well, maybe not five years in
advance, but...) so they have a story "goal" to work toward.  I'm looking
forward to it, even if the time slot sucks.  I stopped watching Earth 2
in part because it was in that time slot.


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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Arsenal                             1:362/708       . 26 . 95 21:20
 To   : Joel Jessup
 Subj : SeaQuest DSV

.REALNAME: James Ward
       In the mess of my work and my life I caught a line...
I will post you if I hear anything about the loss of the SeaQuest Crew.
Question: do you know any info sooner than other than us Viewers?
Cause I for one would like to know the happenings before all else.
(am the next to last to hear the facts, just rumbleings)
BTW thanks for the Dagwood point (Blanking at post times is a pain!)

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Bruce Baugh                         1:105/290.50    . 26 . 95 23:30
 Subj : Movie: Miracle Mile

On (23 May 95) FRANK SWARBRICK wrote to BRUCE BAUGH...

 FS> Thanks for the info. From what I remember from the writeups
 FS> when it first came out Jacob's Ladder sounds like a must. I may
 FS> try most of the others, but Swing Kids? You must be kidding. Of
 FS> course, I haven't seen it, but I've heard terrible things about
 FS> it. Are you actually serious about it? (No offense.)

No offense taken. I think it's glorious - one of the best films
about Nazi German culture I've ever seen. Gorgeously produced,
excellent soundtrack by James Horner, rich and satisfying story.
Kenneth Branagh has an oustanding part as a Gestapo agent whose
motives are all too comprehensible, and by no means entirely
villainous (which, IMHO, sharpens and humanizes the evil). Initially
small differences add up as the story goes along. The final shot is
a wee tad campy, but the scene surrounding it is finely tragic.

... The refrigerator light DOES go out. Now let me out of here.

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Debra Milner                        1:112/285       . 26 . 95 23:33
 To   : Jack Butler
 Subj : X-Files Finale

 >      Jack Butler

 >      PS  I think I know how Mulder got out of the buried
 > refrigeration car.

 Please fill me in....

We went to get a new living room set tonight, and the VCR didn't tape as it was
supposed to...(of course, the fact that I forgot to set it could have been one

How DID Mulder get out of that car?

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 90 of 384
 From : Debra Milner                        1:112/285       . 26 . 95 23:39
 To   : Dana Zendell
 Subj : Help on X-Files Finale

 > Hi everyone,

 > I missed the final episode of the X-Files as well as the highlights
 > which aired right before the show.  Would anybody be willing to send
 > me
 > a copy of those 2 hours of X-Files?  I would really appreciate it.
 > From what I have heard, it sounded like it was very good finale.  And
 > if
 > needed I could send a videotape to copy it on.

I have both on tape, and tell you what, I'll be more than happy to send you a
copy, if you can send me your address...BTW, did you by any chance get tonight's
(part 2) episode on tape?  Guess what dummy forgot to set the VCR tonight...

--- GEcho 1.00
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 From : Jim Cushing                         1:123/75        . 27 . 95 01:33
 To   : Gary Warren


 GW> By GARY L. WARREN (aka "glw")

 GW> After we were firmly, but not happily, seated, we suffered
 GW> through the introductory music video (isn't ANYBODY who is vaguely
 GW> familiar with classical music, late 1970's rock or WAYNE'S WORLD
 GW> besides me tired of hearing Queen's version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" for
 GW> the 97th time?).

 Actually no! Queen is still one of my favorite groups.

 GW> Then we concentrated a bit more on Arnold's humourlessly spoken
 GW> (to everyone but himself)

 Having been to a con where Arnold was one of the guest speakers I can
 sympathize with you.


 GW> flag!:::]

 GW> Since Colm Meany (Miles O'Brien on DS9) has a contract
 GW> allowing him to include his outside movie roles with his regular DS9
 GW> appearances, his stay on that series is assured for several years.

 Colm has also stated that one of his main reasons for staying on DS9 is
 that he gets a steady paycheck something most actors don't receive.

 GW>        The subplot of Quark's nephew Nog's application to
 GW> Starfleet will surface again in the DS9 episode "Facets."

 I've heard that O'brien will be "assisting" Nog with application and
 training for the academy.

 GW>        DS9's Benjamin Sisco (Avery Brooks) will be promoted
 GW> to captain at the end of this season.

 About time!

 GW>        Even though Robert McNeil's Tom Paris on VOYAGER and
 GW> his earlier TNG Nick Lacarno from "The First Duty" have identical
 GW> semi-bad guy character backgrounds, the Lacarno character was rewritten
 GW> into Paris in order for Paramount to avoid paying the scripter(s) of
 GW> "The First Duty" residuals for each VOYAGER episode involving Lacarno.
 GW> (And we thought Paramount dishonestly credited or underpaid its TREK
 GW> franchise scriptwriters--AHEM!!)

 Paramount is a business of making money while "trying" to give its viewers
 "quality" programs.

 GW>  To avoid an R-rating for STAR TREK VI:
 GW> THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, the Klingon blood bubbles were Pepto
 GW> Bismol-coloured.  "Purple blood," commented Arnold, "is considered
 GW> less violent than RED blood!"

 Blood is blood no matter what the color it is. They still showed the
 violence. Changing the color of blood because purple is less violent
 than red blood is stupid. If anything they should have "cut" back on the
 graphic violence while keeping the red blood.

 GW> As usual, Shatner didn't sign autographs,

 I know he has a signature contract with QVC but that is ridiculous! The
 man gets paid $25,000 for a weekend show plus first class airline tickets
 plus over $100.00 per day for food and he can't take time out to sign

 GW>        Despite Paramount's monetary concerns, it always
 GW> builds a new Enterprise bridge for each movie.

 If Shatner said that he is either a liar or he dosen't read the books
 his collaborators wrote for him. In his Movie Memories book he clearly stated
 that all through the series and movies Paramount either remade, refurbished
 or upgraded the current sets.

 GW>        The horseback-riding scene with Patrick Stewart in
 GW> GENERATIONS took two days to shoot, where it was up to Shatner to
 GW> teach Stewart how to ride AND to wear panty-hose *inside* his pants.

 Stewart knew how to ride! Stewart was not prolific horseman like Shatner.

 GW>        His new STAR TREK novel, ASHES OF EDEN, is part of a
 GW> planned trilogy.

 Did he also state that 80% of the book was written by Gar and Judith

 GW> He also added that VOYAGER and DS9 producer Rick Berman may consider his
 GW> screenplay for ASHES as part of another TREK film, which would inevitably
 GW> result in Captain James T. Kirk's "resurrection" for at least this
 GW> supposed movie.

 I hope not after all Shatner last idea(ST5 In search of "God")was a flop!
 Besides "He's dead Bill" and I hope he stays that way.

 GW> While USA Network has canceled TEKWAR, a Canadian network is considering
 GW> producing more episodes.

 At times I enjoyed TEKWAR and I hope a Canadian network will produce more!

 GW>        Shatner said he believes VOYAGER is "more in line"
 GW> with the exploratory premise of the Original Series than DS9, even
 GW> though he admitted seeing only "Caretaker," VOYAGER's two-hour debut.

 How would he know? He has admitted that he has never watched TNG or DS9 so
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