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1995 - 1996

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 FS> names with the characters for me.  I know probably less than
 FS> half of them.  I'm interested in the main credit stars, the
 FS> beginning credit stars, and even the main guest stars.

 JK> Boy, you don't ask the little questions, do you? :)


Thanks for the list.  How did you manage to know all this?  Anyway, it's
missing a few important characters.  Giant was of course played by Carel
Struyken.  I saw that David Lynch himself played someone in a few episodes.
At first I thought it must the rather Caucasian looking Chinese guy ,
but of course that turned out to be Catherine Martell in disguise.  So
I figure it must be Cooper's boss Gordan (Pratt?).  Still, could be wrong.
I've seen Lynch once (on the Tonight Show), but I can't picture him, other
than I remember he had a rather strange hairdo.

Oh, and how about Annie Blackburn?  She was a rather important character,
even though she was only in the last half dozen episodes or so.  I found
her and Cooper to make quite a cute couple.  :-)

Then there's the old waiter guy, but I think I can get his name from
the ending credits.  Oh, you ever notice that the little guy was listed
as The Man From Everywhere, or some such thing?  Wierd.

Looking at your list it looks like you don't have anyone from after the
Laura Palmer mystery was solved.  Not a criticism by any means.  Just
a comment.

How about Thomas Eckhart, Andrew Packard (yes, those last two have the names
listed with the actors), the mayor, Lana, Dick Tremaine, Jack (who Audrey
fell for).  I know the guy who played Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley (David
L. Landers?) played someone, but I can't remember the character's name!

Oh, and the Renault brothers.  And others I can't think of.  Ah well

 FS> How about an episode title list?  I got a list from someone
 FS> else that seems to be pretty reliable, but I'm not sure on it.

 JK> To the best of my knowledge, the episodes of TWIN PEAKS didn't
 JK> have any titles.  If they did, I'd sure as heck appreciate a full list
 JK> of titles for the stories.

 FS> Next question is, did season one end after Cooper got shot?

 JK> Correct. :)

 FS> So the first season would be six episodes, and seven hours.

 JK> Nope.  According to my videotape collection, the first season
 JK> consists of the two-hour premiere, and seven one-hour episodes.

Hmm, this seems to be correct.  I didn't have the so-called episode title
list until after well into the "second season," so I couldn't follow
along at the time.

 FS> The second season would be 24 episodes and 25 hours (or 26 if
 FS> there were two two hour episodes).

 JK> The second season consists of a two-hour premiere again, and 21
 JK> one-hour episodes as well.

OK...The list I have seems to be totally made up, and not quite accurate
even in which episode goes where.  (huh?)  Still, most of the titles
actually went quite well with what the episodes were actually about.
Fer instance it has the pilot as "Wrapped In Plastic," the season one
finale as "Bite The Bullet," the episode with Laura's secret diary as
"The Diary of Laura Palmer," the episode where Maddy is killed is, well,
"Maddy."  Actually, most of the later titles aren't all too creative.
I'll post it in the next message just so you can see it.

Another thing which indicates there were no titles is the videos that
are out are simply listed as "Episode 001," "Episode 002," etc.  (With
episode 001 being the first one hour episode.)  Still, many TV shows
(including the X-Files) have titles that are just not listed onscreen.

 FS> More comments...  I've heard comments that after the Laura
 FS> Palmer mystery was "solved" (such as it is) people say that
 FS> it went downhill and just got plain wierd.

 JK> Yep, this is pretty accurate in some ways.  Once the Laura Palmer
 JK> mystery was cleared up, the series went in a direction that not many
 JK> fans of the show appreciated (at least I don't think they did).  Weird
 JK> is one word for it. :)

Having just finished it, I actually don't agree.  I didn't get much into
the first few after the LPalmer mystery was solved (such as the whole
Jean Renault thing and the James/Evelyn story), but I liked most of it.
I especially liked the whole Annie Blackburn(?) thing, and the final
episode was quite cool.

 FS> Welp, I'm done rambling.  I hope I'm not totally off topic.
 FS> If anyone wants to talk with a new TP convert/fanatic, I'd
 FS> love to hear your comments!

 JK> Well, you've got some of mine above; I trust that you can start a
 JK> whole new conversation about the series with me now! 

Heh heh.  I still have more questions, but I'll stop for now.


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 Subj : Twin Peaks

On 05-22-95  06:00 Jack Butler, the little pine weasel, said:

 JB> Quoth FRANK SWARBRICK, "Nevermore".

 FS> I never saw Twin Peaks when it originally aired.  I worked until after
 FS> 9:00 at night and didn't have a VCR.  I do remember there was a big
 FS> thing regarding "The Diary of Laura Palmer," but I don't remember much
 FS> more than that.

 JB> Well, "The Diary of Laura Palmer" was a "spin-off" book written
 JB> by Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David Lynch, the producer of Peaks, and
 JB> a  director/producer in her own right).  I read part of it, and wasn't
 JB> that impressed except to note that Laura Palmer, it turned out, was not
 JB> a nice person at all...

Yeah, I remember seeing this book at the place I worked.  Don't really
plan to look for it.  Probably couldn't find it anymore anyway.

 FS> I still have four more episodes to go, though Bravo finished with it
 FS> last week.  (And of course I'll have to rent the "Fire Walk With Me"
 FS> movie.)

 JB> Frank, I mean this:  you don't have to watch "Fire Walk With Me".
 JB> You may not even want to.  The best thing I can say about it is that
 JB> both Sheryl Lee and Moira Kelley (the "replacement" Donna) look good
 JB> nekkid.  Oh, and David Bowie's cameo is interesting.  But that's it.

Replacement Donna?  How could they!  Hmm, not sure if I'll get it this
weekend after all.  Perhaps some day, if there's nothing else to do.
Thanks for the info.

 FS> On to the questions...  First, can someone match the actor's names
 FS> with the characters for me.

 JB> The only ones I can remember (its been a while since I've seen
 JB> it, and I was working during the recent Bravo airing) are Kyle
 JB> MacLachlan (Special Agent D.B. Cooper), Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Harry
 JB> Truman), Everett McGill (Ed Hurley), Joan Chen (Josie Packard), Machen
 JB> Amick (Shelly Johnson), Eric De Ray (Leo Johnson), Carol Struyken (The
 JB> Giant), Charles Gray (The Dancing Dwarf), and Sheryl Lee (Laura
 JB> Palmer/Madeline Furguson).

Actually, the Dancing Dwarf (the Man from Everywhere) was played by
Michael Anderson.  I know this for sure because he was in an X-Files
episode, not to mention John Kahane confirmed it with his list.

 FS> Of course, for all I know these episode titles could be totally bogus.
 FS> The guy who I got them from is a total flake, but they seem to match
 FS> what the episodes were about.

 JB> I don't seem to remember there being episode titles...

Seems to be a bogus list.

 FS> Next question is, did season one end after Cooper got shot?

 JB> No... 

John Kahane says yes.  Or were you just kidding?

 FS> More comments...  I've heard comments that after the Laura Palmer
 FS> mystery was "solved" (such as it is) people say that it went downhill
 FS> and just got plain wierd.  I have to say that I was a little let down
 FS> by the first few episodes after it, but they were still enjoyable and I
 FS> got "re-interested" again quite soon.

 JB> I thought it nosedived right into imcomprehensibility, but stayed
 JB> with it all the way.

Well, it didn't make all that much sense before then, so I really can't
agree with that.  I liked almost the entire series.

 FS> I hope to record them when TP comes around again on Bravo.

 JB> Me too, now that you got me interested again.  

Heh heh!  Dunno when it will be on again.  They're doing Brooklyn Bridge
right now, and will probably follow it with Max Headroom again (all 14
hours...).  Hopefully they'll show TP again after that.

I'd copy my tapes for ya, but I only have one VCR...


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 From : FRANK SWARBRICK                     1:104/825       . 26 . 95 02:22
 To   : ALL
 Subj : fake Twin Peaks ep list

OK, the original list I got had the two hour episodes listed as two
separate episodes (ie, "Wrapped In Plastic (I)" and "Wrapped In Plastic
(II)", as well as saying that both "Bite The Bullet" and "One Stone At
A Time" were both two parts.  Still, it worked pretty well, except that
when I reconcile it I can only manage to get 6 one hour episodes in
season one, when in fact there were seven.  And there's an extra one in
season two, but I can't figure out which one.  Unfortunately I deleted
the original info when I make my list.  It could be that OSAAT was
the episode where Cooper got shot, except that doesn't make sense title-
wise.  Not to mention that it would mean I missed TSDoLP, and I know
for a fact that I saw the first episode with the secret diary.  (I
missed the first one hour episode of the second season, which ever one
that was...)

The notes after the asterisks are just notes to me so I can make sure to
record them because I missed them the first time around.

All in all, interesting titles, if rather uncreative toward the end.

Remember--these titles seem to be totally *fake*, unless I can get someone
else to verify them!  :-)

Twin Peaks - Season One
Ep.#  Episode Title
====  ================================
  1.  "Wrapped In Plastic" (2 hours)
  2.  "Jacoby & Heart"
  3.  "The Dream of the Red Drapes"
  4.  "Funeral For Laura"
  5.  "One Armed Man & Veternarian"
  6.  "The Log Speaks Yet Waldo Dies"
  7.  "Bite The Bullet"

Twin Peaks - Season Two
Ep.#  Episode Title
====  ================================
  8.  "One Stone At A Time" (2 hours)
  9.  "You And I" * need to record
 10.  "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer"
 11.  "Audrey Kidnapped"
 12.  "Rescue Of Audrey"
 13.  "Mike"
 14.  "Bob Revealed" * need to re-record?
 15.  "Maddy"
 16.  "Expulsion"
 17.  "Disappearance" * need to record!
 18.  "Dennis/Denise"
 19.  "Return" * need to record!
 20.  "Capture Of Renault"
 21.  "Windom Earle"
 22.  "Evelyn"
 23.  "Josie"
 24.  "The Box"
 25.  "The Symbol"
 26.  "The Petrocliff"
 27.  "Return Of Bob"
 28.  "Revenge"
 29.  "Possession of Cooper" (Part I)
 30.  "Possession of Cooper" (Part II)

 n/a  "Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk With Me" (2 hour movie)

Just for a little more perspective, "Expulsion" seems to be the episode
where they find out Leland (as Bob!) killed Laura, and he (Leland) dies.
The next one, where Major Briggs disappears, is of course "Disapearance,"
and from there on they're fairly obvious.  ("Josie" is where Josie dies,
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