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1995 - 1996

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 1 of 384
 From : Dana Zendell                        1:120/102       . 20 . 95 11:35
 To   : All
 Subj : Help on X-Files Finale

.TID: WILDMAIL!/WC v4.12  91-0071
Hi everyone,

I missed the final episode of the X-Files as well as the highlights
which aired right before the show.  Would anybody be willing to send me
a copy of those 2 hours of X-Files?  I would really appreciate it.
From what I have heard, it sounded like it was very good finale.  And if
needed I could send a videotape to copy it on.


--- WILDMAIL!/WC v4.12
 * Origin: The Atari Advocate Wildcat NEC Net 120  (1:120/102.0)

 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 2 of 384
 From : Gary Warren                         1:382/92        . 22 . 95 09:16
 To   : All
 Subj : CREATION REVIEW 1995 (part 2)

.TID: IMAIL-386 1.60+ PK32

By GARY L. WARREN (aka "glw")

(continued from last message)

        After we were firmly, but not happily, seated, we suffered
through the introductory music video (isn't ANYBODY who is vaguely
familiar with classical music, late 1970's rock or WAYNE'S WORLD
besides me tired of hearing Queen's version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" for
the 97th time?).  Then we concentrated a bit more on Arnold's
humourlessly spoken (to everyone but himself) news of  past and
forthcoming episodes of DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER, as well as
last November's release of the movie GENERATIONS.  Among the tidbits


               Even though Paramount filmed 22 episodes of VOYAGER,
its first season will only include the first 16, with the remaining ones
probably added to next season's slate.
               Since Colm Meany (Miles O'Brien on DS9) has a contract
allowing him to include his outside movie roles with his regular DS9
appearances, his stay on that series is assured for several years.
               The subplot of Quark's nephew Nog's application to
Starfleet will surface again in the DS9 episode "Facets."
               DS9's Benjamin Sisco (Avery Brooks) will be promoted to
captain at the end of this season.
               Paramount has not been giving the Creation company nor
local television stations very many VOYAGER clips.  Arnold didn't
elaborate on why this was so.
               Even though Robert McNeil's Tom Paris on VOYAGER and his
earlier TNG Nick Lacarno from "The First Duty" have identical semi-bad guy
character backgrounds, the Lacarno character was rewritten into Paris in
order for Paramount to avoid paying the scripter(s) of "The First Duty"
residuals for each VOYAGER episode involving Lacarno. (And we thought
Paramount dishonestly credited or underpaid its TREK franchise
               Although GENERATIONS is next to last place's STAR TREK V:
THE FINAL FRONTIER in total profits, it is the MOST successful of the TREK
movies in overseas tickets.  Arnold also said (surprisingly, perhaps
disputingly) that the debut film STAR TREK:  THE MOTION PICTURE ranks
first in TOTAL sales.
      To avoid an R-rating for STAR TREK VI:
THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, the Klingon blood bubbles were Pepto
Bismol-coloured.  "Purple blood," commented Arnold, "is considered
less violent than RED blood!"

        After a few more music and promotional videos (including an X-FILES
promo which consisted of only clips from a Fox TV news program and one of
the Sci-Fi Network's SCI-FI BUZZ episodes), a trivia contest
and a merchandise auction, special guest Shatner took the podium to a
rousing applause.  As usual, Shatner didn't sign autographs, and most
of his agenda consisted of a question-and-answer session.  Although we
heard most of his spiel last year, there were a few new items:

               Despite Paramount's monetary concerns, it always builds a
new Enterprise bridge for each movie.
               The horseback-riding scene with Patrick Stewart in
GENERATIONS took two days to shoot, where it was up to Shatner to teach
Stewart how to ride AND to wear panty-hose *inside* his pants.
               His new STAR TREK novel, ASHES OF EDEN, is part of a planned
trilogy.  He also added that VOYAGER and DS9 producer Rick Berman may
consider his screenplay for ASHES as part of another TREK film,
which would inevitably result in Captain James T. Kirk's "resurrection"
for at least this supposed movie.  However, Shatner admitted Berman
has been quoted as saying the next TREK project would be strictly a TNG one.
               While USA Network has canceled TEKWAR, a Canadian network
is considering producing more episodes.  Also, a line of TEKWAR CD-ROM
products would be released soon, presumably from a special effects
company Shatner bought.
               Shatner said he believes VOYAGER is "more in line" with the
exploratory premise of the Original Series than DS9, even though he
admitted seeing only "Caretaker," VOYAGER's two-hour debut.
               Among his most degrading entertainment assignments, Shatner
listed his role in the 1970's KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS and his late
1960's rendition of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." He explained, however,
that the original cut included his reading from "Man from La Mancha"
intercut with his "interpretation" of the Beatles hit in order to provide
a sort of literary contrast of the times.  The purpose of the release
containing only "Lucy" was "to DEGRADE me!" Shatner exclaimed.
               Shatner included "The City on the Edge of Forever" (which
he labeled "The City on the Edge of the River") and "The Trouble with Tribbles"
("the one with the little tribbles in it") with his favorite Original
Series episodes.  He also mused that the show's finale "Turnabout Intruder"
("where a woman entered MY body!") was one of his most unforgettable TOS shows.

        Since we had our fill of Shatner and parking and seating hassles,
Teri and I didn't bother to stay for the rescheduled blooper reel.
If I was teaching at Teri's school where she works, I'd stamp a fat D-plus
(D+) for the convention's grade, with the only saving graces being the
informational bits and Shatner's appearance.  If I were to repeat my
oath from last year not to attend another Creation convention, I'd gladly
do so with crossed fingers. But I'd ALSO add the caveat that Creation needs
to come up with another convention site with better parking and audience
seating AND a convention host with a tumbleweed's inkling about
handicapped accessibility issues.

                                   -- glw --

Copyrighted (c) Gary L. Warren, POBox 529, Johnson City, Texas 78636,
(210) 868-4310.  This review may be uploaded to any electronic
computer bulletin board service (bbs) or any relevant computer network
forum or echo as long as full credit is given to
Ye Olde Critic.

... Handicaps are not the problem, attitudes are
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 3 of 384
 From : Michael Nellis                      1:240/99.58     . 22 . 95 11:21
 To   : Michael Tauson
 Subj : spitting

--> Note:

Moved (from: WRITING) by Shalanna Collins using timEd.

Hi, Michael.

MN> As a prisoner, Tasha was basically a slave and subjected to
MN> rape by the Romulan who kept her.
MT> Sounds like an alternate universe situation since that
MT> didn't happen in any episodes series that I remember prior
MT> to her demise.

Correct.  It came about when the Enterprise -D stopped to examine this
temporal anamoly.  Surprise, surprise, out popped the Enterprise -C.
That one had been on its way to respond to a distress call from the
Khitomer outpost, then under surprise attack by Romulans.  The problem
arose from the 1701-C no longer being in its properly appointed time.
The Klingon/Federation treaty then being effect, the Enterprise was
expected to respond to the distress signals and attempt to assist the
Khitomer outpost.  However, due to its sudden preciptation into the
future, it never arrived at the outpost.  This resulted in the Klingons
declaring the treaty as breached and declaring war on the Federation.

At the point where the 1701-D meets the 1701-C, the Federation is six
months away from losing the war.

Now, the only way Picard finds out that there has been a revision in the
time line, is because Guinan is sensitive that sort of thing.  In the
opening header, she is in Ten Forward when the temporal revision takes
place, and the Enterprise goes from being on exploration cruise, to
being on a war footing with a crew of about three thousand, most of them
being heavily armed marines.  She looks around herself at all these
jarheads and wonders what the Hell is going on.

Because of the revision, certain events in the history of the 1701-D did
not take place, of course.  For instance, the Federation never found
Data, Worf was never picked up from the ruins of the outpost to go to
StarFleet Academy, and there was no ship's counselor.

You probably remember that Yar was killed while going to Troi's rescue.
Since in this time line, there was no Troi on board, that episode never

It was a brilliant piece of paying attention to temporal manipulation.

At any rate, Yar finds out from Guinan, who never knew Tasha Yar, that
she was supposed to have died in a seperate time line.  Yar just
happened to have fallen for the first officer of the 1701-C, and she
figured, since she was dead anyway, why not go back with the 1701-C as
their tactical officer.  Since she had all this invaluable experience in
the Klingon/Federation war, she figured she could make a significant
difference in how the 1701-C handled itself at the Khitomer outpost,
so that, if destroyed, the Klingons would report favourably on the
honour with which the ship died.  Then the war would never take place
and everything would be as it should.

That did happen.  What nobody found out until later, was that some of
the crew was not killed in the battle, but taken prisoner, including
Tasha, of course.

What happens afterward can be left as the subject for some other
rambling post. 

MT> ===__-*-   The No-Win Trek Tagline  *--+/__ *--+/__  *--=/__

Kobayashi Maru, this is the USS Secondprize!  Drop your shields and


... Whichoneisthespacebar?
--- timEd-B11
 * Origin: Fang's Lair: where no one can hear you scream. (1:240/99.58)

 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 4 of 384
 From : Donald Jaramillo                    1:203/1701      . 22 . 95 18:04
 To   : Chris Baugh
 Subj : Vr.5

Knowing the world was about to end, Donald Jaramillo and Chris Baugh
wasted their last moments talking about Vr.5...

 CB>I saw the season finale, and I did like the idea that the VR
 CB>equipment (including gloves and goggles) has been as dramatically
 CB>miniaturized since 1978 as the rest of computer technology, but I
 CB>don't recall any mention of making a connection to a remote
 CB>mainframe.  I took the mention of a retina scan as referring to a
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