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MJ "being A Hero (tm).

MJ "Who else *could* it be?

Flash Gordon... :-)

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 From : Steven Wesen                        1:271/236       .p 24 . 95 09:52
 To   : Barry Blaes

.TID: GE 1.11+
I feel that they might try to replace Quinn with 2 characters to help
split Quinn's personality .

Thedog is Quinn's loyalty and steafast friendship.

It is a Next Generation thing you wouldn't understand :)


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 From : Karmin St.jean                      1:321/309       .p 24 . 95 10:40
 To   : Chris Baugh
 Subj : Star Blazers

 >JS> I believe the reference is to a holo-projection room on board
 >JS> the Yamato (I think that's the ships's name) in the
 >JS> Japanimation show "Starblazers." (Good series, IMO.)
 > Gosh, that came on so many years ago I don't remember much about it
 > - but I do remember that I enjoyed the characteries, stories and
 > animation.  Around the same time there was also an animated Flash
 > Gordon series that I thought was really well done.

The original name of the series was Space Cruiser Yamato, but the ship was
renamed the Argo in Star Blazers. There were three series created, only two of
which "Quest for Iscandar" and "Battle Against the Comet Empire" were ever shown
on American TV. The third series, "The Bolar Wars" is available but was not
aired (at least not in wide syndication like the other two.)

Another series, often mistakenly called "G-Force" was known as "Battle of the
Planets" and was produced by Sandy Frank (that name we all keep seeing at the
beginning of all the REALLY bad movies on MST3K).

Tranzor Z is yet another anime serial that is not easy to find.
 (note, many of these may get a second chance at life this fall when the SciFi
Channel introduces it's new Saturday Morning Anime lineup!)

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 From : Karmin St.jean                      1:321/309       .p 24 . 95 10:45
 To   : Dave Whittier
 Subj : Lotterys in the mail

Okay, so I spelled it wrong. But look at it this way. It's a lottery, just the
same as scratching one of those tickets you buy at the store, and when you don't
win on those you don't get all upset. So, if you play a lottery and don't win,
then if you've only paid a dollar or two dollar or five dollars tops, then shrug
and get on with it. If, however, you were dumb enough to pay $20.00 or paid
$20.00 in good faith, which if you're smart enough to read this post is more
likely, then find the jerk who conned you out of it and beat the living
daylights out of him, or give him the Vulcan Neck Pinch (THERE! I mentioned
Vulcans, so now the message is on topic, or at least was for that sentence.)...
And now ,....back to our topic!

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 From : Karmin St.jean                      1:321/309       .p 24 . 95 10:51
 To   : Denis Lamy
 Subj : Q and DS9

DS9 couldn't even get Q right! On TNG at least Q took them places, DID things
with them. Acted like Q. On DS9 Q just sat around moping and all just because
Vash wouldn't go back to him. And He already had Amanda, so it's not like he
NEEDED the whiny little toad anyhow.
I always thought it would have been great if they'd returned five months later
instead of two years later and Vash was pregnant but no one knew if it was
Picard's or Q's.  Maybe she was. It's possible that Vash was carrying Q's child
but that Bashir didn't tell her because she was advanced enough that he assumed
she already knew. Wouldn't that be a surprise for ol' Q!
Let's see.. ways we can spice up DS9 a bit...

A second version of Q (still human from the time he was being punished) created
in a similar transporter accident to the one that created the second Riker,
joins the Maquis to help out Thomas Riker (and he and T.R. become close

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 From : Tony Trujillo                       1:280/9         .p 24 . 95 11:08
 To   : Jack Butler
 Subj : Re: Sliders Continuity

.TID: GE 1.11+

 TT>> Not always...some shows just disappear off the face of the
 TT>> earth without the benefit of a "goodbye" show.
 JB>      Heard the word through Entertainment Weekly's show.  Sliders has
 JB>      been picked up for next season, and Jerry O'Connell is *still*
 JB>      going to be a regular.

Glad to see that they decided to give SLIDERS a chance as a
regular series on their line up. I haven't been too excited
by X-FILES since they decided to go for the "hack and slash"

 JB>      So yes, Quinn gets shot, but no, Quinn doesn't die.

I'd really like to see them do something interesting with
this plot line other than just having Quinn getting better
and sliding as if nothing had happened. If he was indeed
shot in the head I would think recuperation time would be
more than a few days.

... Don't crush that dwarf! Hand me the pliers!
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 From : Tony Trujillo                       1:280/9         .p 24 . 95 11:59
 To   : Frank Eva
 Subj : Re: SeaQuest Survives

.TID: GE 1.11+

 FE> I believe those characters who were deleted were all supposed to have
 FE> moved on to other jobs... Stacy Haiduk (her character) took a job as oil
 FE> freighter Captain, I seem to recall...

I remember there was some talk about it in one of the
episodes but at the time I think that's all it was.

 FE> Yes, he's become just another Wesley Crusher, always saving the day...

I guess that's what the "kids" want...

... BIO-GENETIX ENGINEERING LABS: "Playing God so you don't have to."
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 From : John Kahane                         1:163/198.5     .p 24 . 95 12:34
 To   : Jeff Hancock
 Subj : Vorlon Immortality

In a message of , Jeff Hancock scribed:

                          SPOILER ALERT!!!
                           / _________ \
                          / /         \ \
         / ______________________________________________ \
        / /                                              \ \
       / /                                                \ \
       \ \                                                / /
         \ \                       ____________________ / /
           \ \                    l-------------------  /
             \ \                                    / /
             /   \                                /   \
            / / \  \               ____________ /  / \ \
           / /    \  \            l-----------   /    \ \
          / /      /   \                    /   \      \ \
         / /      /  /\  \                /  /\  \      \ \
         \ \_____/  /   \  \            /  /   \  \_____/ /
          \________/      \  \________/  /      \________/

 JK> Of course, in the light of "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum,"
 JK> JH>> How did Kosh have video footage (or whatever) of the
 JK> JH>> Icarus encounter to show Sheridan? Mental projection of
 JK> JH>> what he "knew" would have occurred?
 JK>> Nope.  I think we now know what happened during the little
 JK>> "encounter" that Kosh and Morden had way back in "Signs and
 JK>> Portents," when Kosh's encounter suit was damaged. 

 JH> Believe it or not, I thought about that.... but why wouldn't
 JH> Morden know too much about Kosh in return? Either seeing
 JH> through the damaged encounter suit, feeling him in his mind,
 JH> or just plain suspicion... if not Morden, then the Shadows
 JH> who were with him. Unless they were born after the wars and
 JH> the Shadows don't have any form of history, you'd think
 JH> they'd figure it out... unless they really believe all the
 JH> ancient ones left.

     Well, as was established in "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum", the Shadows are an
ancient race, and existed before some of the other Ancient Ones came into
existence (including the Vorlons), but I don't think your bit about history is
the right one.  Kosh has obviously got some sort of protection, whether psionic
or something that the Ancient Ones have learned, about how to cloak themselves
from the Shadows knowing who they are, although "ItSoZ" also established that he
wears the encounter suit for the simple reason that it obscures him from sight.

     While the Shadows are always with Morden, as Delenn pointed out, I think
that it's possible Kosh may have surprised Morden in their encounter in "Signs
and Portents" to such a degree that he was able to rip the knowledge (or plunder
it) from Morden's mind before he came under attack by the Shadows that are
always with Morden (this latter point being a fact that Joe has confirmed over
on CompuServe).

 JK>> I think that Kosh took the memory of what happened when the
 JK>> Icarus landed on Z'ha'dum from Morden's mind...among other
 JK>> things. :)

 JH> But not everything was from Morden's POV...

     The vision of the events of the Icarus landing on Z'ha'dum were not all
from Morden's view, but it's also likely that a Shadow viewpoint was also part
of that - something perhaps that is part of Morden's mind now that he's a
servant.  It's also possible that the Shadows and their agents are
telepathically linked (I refuse to accept a hive-mind assumption for this), and
that Kosh took from Morden's mind a perspective from another of the Icarus crew
who also sided with the Shadows.

 JH> BTW, what do you think that was with Delenn saying she had
 JH> known about it for the past THREE years? Perhaps they told
 JH> her (or she read about) the Shadows upon her appointment to
 JH> ambassador? Couldn't be the Grey Council, since that was
 JH> long before.

     Actually the time of Valen and the Grey Council is about 1,000 years ago,
which fits in with the business of the last time that the Shadows tried to rise,
and were put down again by an alliance that included the Vorlons and the
Minbari.  As for Delenn's knowing about this for three years, well...there could
be all kinds of reasons for that.  I like to think that it would be part of the
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