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1995 - 1996

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 I think all licenses for the books and all other Star Wars related material
 expire in '96 or '97. Another indication that he has plans. He has also
 forbidden authors from using certain things in the novels, so I understand.

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Richard Yamagata                    1:203/955       . 25 . 95 02:49
 To   : Jeff Hancock
 Subj : B5: Bear Facts

JH> I liked it... but what exactly was there to say? ;-)
JH> and wondered every time how it appeared so quickly out of nowhere (if
JH> you're approaching an unknown piece of debris, shouldn't you go
JH> slowly enough to see it before hitting it?), how they manage to get a
JH> cockpit coverin that's strong enough to protect against random debris yet
JH> sounds just like plastic when something hits it, and why the bear slid
JH> off to the side the way it did as if wind was blowing it off.

All very fascinating questions Jeff, there is enough here to start 3 or 4
threads.  And, this all came from one sequence in Babylon 5!

JH> There must be a specialized set of automated drones that go
JH> around collecting debris from space combat around the station,

Well, at least here I think it is safe to say that this must be one of the
functions of the maintenance bots.  A lot of them seemed to be flying around out
there in the "And now for a word..." episode.  Thanks for your deep analysis.

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 56 of 384
 From : Richard Yamagata                    1:203/955       . 25 . 95 03:12
 To   : John Kahane
 Subj : B5: ItSoZ Thoughts

* In a message originally to Kay Shapero, John Kahane said:

JK> In a message of , Kay Shapero
JK> scribed:

JK>                           SPOILER ALERT!!!
JK>                             __________
JK>                            / _________ \
JK>                           / /         \ \
JK>           ------------------------------------------------
JK>          / ______________________________________________ \
JK>         / /                                              \ \
JK>        / /                                                \
JK> \
JK>        \ \                                                /
JK> /
JK>          \ \                       ____________________ / /
JK>            \ \                    l-------------------  /
JK>              \ \                                    / /
JK>              /   \                                /   \
JK>             / / \  \               ____________ /  / \ \
JK>            / /    \  \            l-----------   /    \ \
JK>           / /      /   \                    /   \      \ \
JK>          / /      /  /\  \                /  /\  \      \ \
JK>          \ \_____/  /   \  \            /  /   \  \_____/ /
JK>           \________/      \  \________/  /      \________/
JK>                             \__________/

First off, I would like to say that I like your use of the Psi-Corp emblem,
because my son gets kick out of seeing it scroll on to the screen.

JK> series but very, very confused.  Then there is "Knives,"
JK> which was a throwaway episode to me, except for the business
JK> with Londo and his old friend and the revelation of where
JK> the mental force that had invaded Sheridan's mind had come
JK> from.

I do not want to seem hyper-critical here or nit-picking, but what else was
there in this episode besides these 2 plot lines?  There was that itsy-bitsy
sequence about that goverment department of peace, straight out of James Orwell,
but I have to say your 2 plot lines was the episode.  I found it interesting
that JMS patterned the Centauri culture in this episode after Renassiance (yes I
can't spell) Italy.

JK> arises... Someone obviously knew what kind of poison to use
JK> on Kosh, since the ancient one in the suit should not be
JK> known to the universe in general.  Whoever was behind this
JK> *knew* how to kill the not-Vorlon in the suit.  Assuming
JK> that the whole poisoning business wasn't faked to begin
JK> with.

Actually, this is not surprising, if it was not faked as you point out.  It was
made clear that the Minbari know the Vorlons and fought along side the Vorlons a
1000 years before B5's time against the Shadows.  It would seem to me if you
fight along side someone, you would learn how they die.  I am sure that the
Shadows know how to destroy the Vorlons and vice versa.

On the other hand, even Sinclair wondered in one of the episodes if the
poisoning was no faked.  What I got from that episode is that Sinclair wondered
if it was not all some plot by Kosh to garner understanding of humans to place
them in crisis.  Kosh got to interact with that Psi-corp psychic -- and he went
to great lengths to examine the current psychic with that cyborg.
It is obvious from "In the shadow..." that psychics will be important in
locating Shadows from that "passing in the corridor sequence."  That may be part
of what JMS was building up to with all this fascination of Kosh's with
psychics. Ry

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 57 of 384
 From : Richard Yamagata                    1:203/955       . 25 . 95 03:24
 To   : Brian Henderson
 Subj : B5 Ripoff: Ds9

* In a message originally to Jakc Butler, Brian Henderson said:

BH> No kidding.  I didn't say otherwise.  I did say, however,
BH> that B5 has a higher purpose than *JUST* making a quick buck.

I do not know if this is true or not, but I would like to think that it is true
for B5.  From the amount of energy that JMS expends by posting on GEnie and CIS,
I believe that B5 means much more to him than a meal ticket.  My son
is waiting for his B5 micro-machines, but from what I garner from JMS posts, it
seems JMS finds this type of marketing, demeaning.

BH> out but that's not the issue, is it?  For Paramount and the
BH> makers of Star Trek, money is the biggest issue. For Warner, it quite
BH> possibly might be.

All I know is that from looking at the Nielsens, the Paramount Network's success
is all owed to ST Voyager.  I think that the ST Voyager Q&A was a cheap ploy to
get Voyager fans to sit through hours of vapid programming just to find the Q&A
sequence.  I think this supports your arguement about "selling grandma."  As for
Warner, their network ratings are lower than Fox and Paramount.  How much lower
and non-profitable can you get?  It may be a blessing that B5 is syndicated an
not a Warner Network offering.  Ry

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 58 of 384
 From : Richard Yamagata                    1:203/955       . 25 . 95 03:37
 To   : Frank Eva
 Subj : B5 VS ST

FE> The phrase "worthy undertaking" seemed to connote socially
FE> redeeming values. IMO, I do believe B5 has these, but more importantly
FE> to me than socially redeeming values is "entertainment value", which B5
FE> has by the truckload.

In that regard, Babylon 5 has won an Award for Quality Television.  I think you
are correct in that there is a lot of entertainment value in B5.  I still
find it interesting that this is the only series that I am motivated to record
and save.

On the other hand, it may not be surprising.  That long narrative by Delenn
about the Shadows, the First Ones, the Vorlons, drove me MAD!!!  I played that
sequence over and over -- TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT MIRA WAS MUMBLING.  It is
rediculous that she could not ennunciate better.  I do not think it was a
directional ploy to heighten suspense.

The only thing that let me understand what Mira muffed was a transcript of that
part of the episode.  I think that this narrative was as critical to the
B5 plot line as the dialog between Sheridan and Kosh about "understanding."

As always, it is good posting with you Frank.  Ry

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 59 of 384
 From : Richard Yamagata                    1:203/955       . 25 . 95 03:40
 To   : Frank Eva
 Subj : B5 Catch-Up

FE> RY someone should do a paperback serialization of the B5 episodes,
FE> RY in the same vein as the TOS books by James Blish.
FE> This would be nice but it would require a company like Simon & Schuster
FE> to envision a profit for such a series of books. I personally think
FE> there are few publishers who would consider such a series
FE> profitable at this early stage, with B5 still a somewhat unproven
FE> commodity...

You are right about this.  To make the point more poignant for my son, "where
are the micro-machines?"

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 60 of 384
 From : Richard Yamagata                    1:203/955       . 25 . 95 04:03
 Subj : B5 TALK

FS> but than neither should Mira Furlan (Delenn).  In fact,
FS> she's probably my least favorite character.

I think that I am starting to get disenchanted with Delenn.  Her character has
gone from malevolent in the pilot to a wimp after emerging from the Chrysalis. I
am thoroughly disgusted with her mumbling the crucial tail in "In the Shadow..."
I have to say that I like her character better bald.

FS> times.  (In Thompson's case I think it's more the character than the
FS> actor, though.  She was excellant in a Quantum Leap episode I saw.)

Thinking about your words, you are probably right.  In most of the episodes she
is just a prop.  Only in a few episodes have I felt close to her character.
Actually, only in 2 episodes have I liked what they did with her. There was the
Iron Heart episode and there was the episode with her ex-husband on board.  In
all actuality, I think I do not like her character.  A good part of that has to
do with the plotlines with the Susan Ivanova character.

FS> Anyway, I'm babbling, but I just wanted to agree that Biggs
FS> is a wonderful

No, your words are important for me to read.  I was shaken up when I was told
that there are a group of San Francisco State Univ. students that collectively
all dislike Richard Biggs as an actor.  They think he over acts, is pompous,
is... basically a William Shatner!  I stand by my assessment that Richard Biggs
is the best at delivering lines, look and feel on the screen of all the
actors portraying earth force roles.  Actually, I have to admit that even though
I cannot stand William Shatner outside of his acting, he has a vast dramatic
range.  It is this dramatic range that took Star Trek in so many directions.  I
have no idea how Richard Biggs is as a person.  For entertainment purposes, I
can care less -- just like I still can sit through in rapt fascination all of
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