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RY> episode!

Absolutely.  I think I've seen most of the heavy arc episodes at least 5-6
times now.  You just have to keep going back and picking up the clues in light
of new information.  My next episode will be "Deathwalker" to try to piece
together the Kosh/Talia angle.

RY> Another astute observation, the world of "downunder" is so
RY> un-Utopian and so realistic -- that is part of the magic of B5!!!

B5 *HAS* magic.  It makes you look forward to the next episode.  I can't say
that in all the years I watched Star Trek, even TOS, I ever cared what
happened the next week, simply because it was so disjointed from the action of
this week.  So what?  B5 is a show that appeals to fans of written sci-fi.
Star Trek, apparently, is for those who have very short attention spans and
the inability to commit to a long-term relationship, at least in entertainment

... A bad episode of B5 is better than ANY TNG/DSN episode!

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 113 of 384
 From : Brian Henderson                     1:207/241       . 20 . 95 15:41
 To   : Frank Eva
 Subj : Old Vs New

Frank Eva wrote about Old Vs New

FE> I wish I could be like you... I recently watched an episode of UFO
FE> (the series by Gerry Anderson that he did right before Space 1999)
FE> on the Sci-Fi Channel, and it was so dated, I just thought it was
FE> stupid...

But I *LIKE* stupid movies as well as the old 30s serials.  In fact, I have
dozens of them on tape... Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Radar Men on the Moon,
etc.  It's an acquired taste, certainly, but one worth cultivating IMO.

... "I though you said your dog didn't bite."  "That's *not* MY dog!"

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--- Maximus 2.02
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : VINCENT MCCONNELL                   1:2601/574      . 20 . 95 21:53
 To   : ALL
 Subj : Sliders

I really wish the execs/writers at SLIDERS would start reconsidering their
plots and tackling some of the more interesting aspects of world-hopping.
They have one of the biggest potentials of any show to date, but they've
been wasting it (for the most part) on very trivial and minute things.

I like the show.  But it could do so much more.   The pilot, "Woman World",
and the Finale are the only three that really come close to how great the
show could be.  "Hippie World", "Slider is Elvis World", etc, may be mildly
entertaining, but mildly entertaining shows don't last a long time on the
most part.  The ones that survive are usually the memorable ones...

... AD&D Lesson #126 - Don't play fetch the stick with Cerebus.
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 From : VINCENT MCCONNELL                   1:2601/574      .c 21 . 95 13:42

--+:Tony Limbert spake thusly:+-

 TL> Ok gang! We all saw Friday's episode.... sooooooo

 TL> Does anyone else here smell GENESIS by W. A. HARBINSON?

 TL> Smallpox Vaccination... hmmm.....

 TL> [ Can you say entered another car? Buried himself under the bodies? ]

Yeah, it wasn't much of a cliffhanger as season finales go, but nevertheless
was a good episode.  I also enjoyed the trailer, "Secrets of the X-Files".

... My other vehicle is a Super Star Destroyer.
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Pramod Korathota                    3:712/505       .p 24 . 95 17:48
 To   : Rumble
 Subj : The New Sq Series..

Yello Rumble,

On the 18-5, Rumble rumbled something like this :)

RR> seaQuest is in BIG TROUBLE. But it has been renewed
RR> again. It will air on Wendsays here.

   Well, let's all hope that SeaQuest will pull it itself o
ut of trouble.

   Have u seen the new series (the 3rd one) yet? How waz it??
Who were the cast, like how many of the old cast is still around?
Have they thrown Bridger out and made Lucus Captain?? The way the
shows been going, it sure lookes like it eh?

   And hows the boat doing?? Is it bigger and badder? Does the
interior look any different, and how waz the scripts??

   A lotta questions, I know :). But I'm like dying to know..
BTW, you might have noticed that I really don't like the producers
attempts to make SeaQuest like 90210, or Melrose Place etc?? Well
I'd like to say that I *REALLY* don't want it to be that way.. Anyway,
to the point...would you be suprised if I said that I am 17, no joke!

   What I mean is, most of my friends from my fav BBS (who r about my
age) also do not want SeaQuest to become like 90210.. What everyone
really seems to want is proper sci-fi, don't the producers get that??

BTW, who are your favourite authors?? I like Raymod E Fiest, David
Eddings, Isaac Asimov, A C Clarke, Robert Jordan etc... :)

bye 4 now,

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 117 of 384
 From : Dexter Fernandez                    1:203/1701      . 25 . 95 04:20
 To   : John Kahane
 Subj : Re: SLIDERS

"So, Kahane, we meet for the first time for the last time!"

 JK> While this is true, there's been little word on this.  JMS
 JK> recently said that they pitched the next season and other stuff to the
 JK> PTEN folks, and will hear about renewal by the end of May.

I just read in the Sacramento Bee that they killed Sliders....:(

Ah, well..it was fun while it lasted...

Curzon Dex
Moderator, Terok Nor Echo

... "Rambo, what mean...expendable?"
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 118 of 384
 From : Jack Butler                         1:363/309       . 26 . 95 06:36
 To   : Myra I Fox
 Subj : Highlander Scedule

 Quoth Myra I Fox, "Nevermore".

 MIF> Oh, I didn't know she was definitely gone... I figured that she would
 MIF> come back into the storyline later... oh, well .

     It is beginning to look like she may actually show up for an episode
or two in the fourth season.

     BTW, the premiere of the 4th season is being directed by Adrian Paul,
and will feature several scenes which were filmed in Scotland.

 MIF> I look forward to seeing Methos again, he was quite interesting but
 MIF> he disappeared right after we "met" him.

     He'll be back, at the very least for the finale of season 3.

     Jack Butler
     Highlander Guru

... "It's about coincidence." -- Richie Ryan
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 * Origin: Forethought BBS -=- Orlando FL -=- 407-277-7530 (1:363/309)

 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 119 of 384
 From : Jack Butler                         1:363/309       . 26 . 95 06:40
 To   : Myra I Fox
 Subj : X-Files Finale

 Quoth Myra I Fox, "Nevermore".

 MIF> And if you are interested in way out conspiracy theories he now
 MIF> moderates the MufoNet CONSPIRACY echo.

     ROFL!  Thanks, Myra, but no thanks.  I got enough to worry about with
the "real world" conspiracies (i.e., the Religious Reich and their hidden
agenda) to get involved in the really strange stuff...

 MIF> I *liked* him.  And did you notice he seemed as surprised as
 MIF> everyone else that there was Mulder wasn't in the boxcar?

     Yeah.  Makes my theory even more plausible.

 MIF> I think she is open to finding the truth both for Mulder's
 MIF> sake and because she wants to know why her name is in that
 MIF> file.

     This might be it.

 MIF> Why didn't that hacker take a few minutes and start his
 MIF> computer downloading that file to different bbs's? He could
 MIF> have started that going automatically and he still could
 MIF> have been out of there with his copy.  And just what *did*
 MIF> happen to him?  Did they mention and maybe I missed it?

     Yeah, they mentioned it.  Cancer man said "the young man who stole it"
meaning the file "has come forward."  The Hacker apparently told "Them"
(whoever *they* are...) that he gave the files to Mulder... and I don't
get the feeling that he told "Them" willingly...

 JB> PS  I think I know how Mulder got out of the buried refrigeration
 JB> car.

 MIF> I would love to hear your theory.... more than one boxcar
 MIF> connected to that one?  he's buried under the bodies?  he
 MIF> got beamed up to the mother ship?

     Heh.  I'm keeping mum (don't want to look like a fool if I turn out to
be off-base), but you are close...

     Jack Butler

... "Unless there was a neon sign saying `dig here'." -- Mulder
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 * Origin: Forethought BBS -=- Orlando FL -=- 407-277-7530 (1:363/309)

 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 120 of 384
 From : Jack Butler                         1:363/309       . 26 . 95 06:44
 To   : Chris Carter
 Subj : Kosh's Karaoke machine

 Quoth Chris Carter, "Nevermore".

 CC> Garibaldi, wearing civvies, is followed closely by Ambassador Kosh
 CC> and Lennier into Babylon 5's baseball park.


 CC> Sheridan, looking perplexed, asks the computer to initiate batting
 CC> practice.

     You sick, sick little monkey.  

     Jack Butler

... "Don't be so happy to see me." -- Quark
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 * Origin: Forethought BBS -=- Orlando FL -=- 407-277-7530 (1:363/309)

 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 121 of 384
 From : Jack Butler                         1:363/309       . 26 . 95 06:48
 To   : John Kahane
 Subj : Confessions et. al.

     The rat-bastards who run WOFL, FOX 35 decided that Confessions and
Lamentations was just a bit too intense, so they re-ran Knives instead.  Do
me a favor, if you will, and netmail me as detailed a synopsis of that
episode as you can, please...

     God, I hate censors...

     Jack Butler

... "Blood calls out for blood." -- Londo Molari
--- FMail 0.98a
 * Origin: Forethought BBS -=- Orlando FL -=- 407-277-7530 (1:363/309)

 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 122 of 384
 From : Frank Eva                           1:154/750       . 26 . 95 08:08
 To   : Starwolf
 Subj : ST: Voyager

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