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1995 - 1996

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Well, she will be an asset when and if they get her.

 JB> As for Peter Wingfield (the gentleman who played Methos) he will be
 JB> back in the season Finale, and again next season in a kind of "Obi
 JB> Wan Kenobi" role.

I will look forward to both. He was great.

Was he ever in the series before this season's two-parter?

 JB> Speaking of, next season is Season Four, the last year of the
 JB> contract. Whether or not there will be a season five is still up in
 JB> the air.

What is "the contract" - Fox's contract w/Adrian Paul, the owners of the
Highlander concepts contract w/Fox?? What?

 JB> Also, there are supposedly "big changes" in store for the show.

Come on - give me a hint.

Actually, give me more than a hint. I want all the details. I want it all.
Can you arrange that?

Now, I just read this is one of your postings to someone else:

 JB> Not only will Richie be back next season, but so will Methos and
 JB> Amanda.

Well, obviously, then the "big changes will not be Ritchie's demise. So
What are they?

 JB> I cannot wait for the finale.  The final fight with Kallas was
 JB> filmed on the *real* Eiffel Tower.  I wonder how they turned that
 JB> little trick...

Once again you have more insider information. And you didn't explain how
you get it. Now if you want to keep your source a secret, fine. I'll try
to stop asking.

But don't stop talking to me.

I really appreciate all your input.


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 From : Tammy Blandino                      1:106/7315      . 27 . 95 02:44
 To   : Andrew Clarke
 Subj : Re: Enterprise

While skinny dipping Andrew Clarke was talking to Kay Shapero
about Re: Enterprise.

 JH>        I think that's it, unless you want to go into the whole
 JH>_how do
 JH> people avoid walking into the holo-deck wall again?_ thing,

 KS> Hmm... maybe they DON'T avoid walking into the holo-deck
 KS> wall... and that explains most of the rest of your
 KS> questions... :->

 AC> I've always figured that the floor moved under them so they could go
 AC> as far as they wanted.  If anyone with a Tech manual is reading
 AC> this...help us out.
 AC> Andrew Clarke

 A friend of mine once said that the holodeck would have worked better
 as sphere instead of a box.  The sphere would turn as you walked giving
 the illusion of moving while staying in the same place.

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 From : Tammy Blandino                      1:106/7315      . 27 . 95 02:47
 To   : James Walton
 Subj : Re: Directorial Trademarks

While skinny dipping James Walton was talking to Jack Butler about
Re: Directorial Trademarks.

 JW> You were speaking about the "Clone Wars" from Star Wars when you
 JW> said:
 > Palpatine to overthrow the Old Republic.  I'm not sure who the
 > sides were (except that the phrases "Lords of Sith" have been associated
 > with them), but
 JW> From what I have read, there can be only one "Dark Lord of the Sith"
 JW> at a time.  During the three Star Wars movies this position was held
 JW> by Darth Vader.  (If I remember correctly, in the Star Wars
 JW> novelization that came out 2 years before the first movie, Vader was
 JW> addressed as  "My Dark Lord Vader of the Sith.")

 You know I would dearly like to see the source for this information.
 Unfortunately I don't have my copy of the books where I can grab them,
 but I seem to remember something somewhere about "Sith Lords", describing
 them as existing at the same time.

 Please let us know WHERE you read this information.

... God made whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world!
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 From : Tammy Blandino                      1:106/7315      . 27 . 95 02:52
 To   : Colin Dijkgraaf
 Subj : Coen

While skinny dipping Colin Dijkgraaf was talking to Marco Catalano
about Re: Can you hear me (#4).

 MC> Please forgive my curiousity, Colin, but are you or one of your
 MC> parents Dutch? Your family-name, "Dijkgraaf", is a typical Dutch name.

 CD> Not just one parent, both parents, and I'm Dutch also, although I
 CD> wasn't born in the Netherlands but Suriname.  I did live in the
 CD> Netherlands for five years and have been back for a visit in 1990.
 CD> And just to clarify Colin isn't the name that is on my birth
 CD> certificate it is Coen, but since that can be a deragatory term in
 CD> English I was  advised by Imegration to change it.

 I find that interesting because I can't think of any derogatory term
 that they might have been thinking about in regards to the name.  Perhaps
 I am pronouncing it wrong.  How do you pronounce it?

 Frankly I think (in regards to names) that imigration has its head up
 its collective arse.

... I told her to expect you to deny everything. -- Calvin
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 From : Tammy Blandino                      1:106/7315      . 27 . 95 03:23
 To   : Michelle Willey

While skinny dipping Michelle Willey was talking to Frank Eva about

 MW> On 17 May 95 07:36am, FRANK EVA wrote to ALL:

 FE> Is it just me, or does it seem like ST:Voyager is already seeming a bit
 FE> worn out? Doesn't it seem like ST:V is going "where everyone has gone
 FE> already"? Looks like Neelix is ST:V's answer to ST:TNG's Barclay... If
 FE> it's medical, Neelix is the one who gets it. "Jetrell" had to be easily
 FE> the most boring Star Trek episode I've ever seen. It could have been a
 FE> public service announcement against the depredations of scientists and
 FE> the weapons they help to create...

 MW> I got to admit it doesn't bother me much if I miss an episode.
 MW> However, I like the character of Neelix. He injects a bit of humor and
 MW> common sense into an otherwise unexceptional show. Likewise the doctor.
 MW> The stories themselves do seem to be same ole, same ole. --Mich

 Aw Come on guys.  It the first season, give it a break.  We know the
 team of Berman, Pillar, and Taylor can do some really wonderful stuff.
 Give 'em a chance.  Sheesh.  It seems like everytime there's a new ST
 everyone boohoo's it, but a few give it a chance and stick with it.
 Each one of the series since TOS has gone through this experience.

 If you really feel the need to bitch, write to ST at Paramount and
 EXPLAIN (not gripe) what you disliked, or even liked.  It would be more

 Hey, (for you B5 fans) even B5 got off to a slow start.  Remember that
 first season?

... "Bother" said Pooh as Kirk beamed him down in a red shirt.
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 From : Tammy Blandino                      1:106/7315      . 27 . 95 03:37
 To   : Myranya Werlemann
 Subj : Re: Directorial Trademarks

While skinny dipping Myranya Werlemann was talking to Jack Butler about
Directorial Trademarks.

 -=> Quoting Jack Butler to Marco Catalano <=-

 JB> Lucas's trademark is the numbers 1138.  They appear in every one
 JB> of his films *somehow*.
 MW> [   ]
 MW> That's really interesting. Do you know _why_ it's 1138?

 The very first movie George Lucas *EVER* made was a science fiction movie
 called _THX 1138_.  Since then he uses over and over.  In the novelized
 version of Star Wars, The Imperial that is trying to contact the
 Stormtrooper whose armor Han appropriated, That Imperial identified that
 Stormtrooper as THX 1138.  Of course this was changed in the movie.  :)

 Now, Lucas' movie empire has created the latest state of the art sound
 system which they call....THX Sound.....

 I've seen a few movies in auditoriums that have had THX Sound.  Talk about
 mindblowing!  It leaves Dolby Stereo in the *DUST*!

 B> Besides Hitchcock and his cameo's, and Spielberg and his falling
 JB> stars, there's John Landis and the phrase "See you next Wednesday", and
 JB> Sam Raimi's inclusion of "Klaatu Beratis Nikto".

 MW> I can see how you can include 'See you next Wednesday' in a movie,
 MW> but "Klaatu Beratis Nikto"??? What movie(s) is that from???
 MW> I'm not that good when it comes to who directs what...

 "Klaatu Beratis Nikto" is from _The Day The Earth Stood Still_ .  That
 was the phrase that stopped the giant robot from destroying everything.

 I've seen it parodied in a number of movies...the most recent being
 _Army of Darkness_, an absolutely hilarious spoof...from which my
 tagline comes from... :)

... Good... Bad... I'm the guy with the gun! -- Ash
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 From : Jack Butler                         1:363/309       . 27 . 95 04:56
 To   : John Kahane
 Subj : B5, B9

 Quoth John Kahane, "Nevermore".

 JK> Flattery won't get you anywhere with this one, Jack.  But it's
 JK> the truth of the matter, and you made my (unstated) point for me.
 JK> They could only come up with *one* example of what we're talking
 JK> about.

     Yes, and they wave it in our faces like it was the Holy Grail, or the
Unified Field Theory... we ask about *fleets* of living ships, and they give
us an individual specimen.  Hardly convincing...

     Jack Butler

... "Must go home and kill parents." -- Mike Nelson
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Jack Butler                         1:363/309       . 27 . 95 04:58
 To   : Marc Zingarelli
 Subj : Highlander Scedule

 Quoth Marc Zingarelli, "Nevermore".

 MZ> Methos is always good for a few laughs.  BTW I couldn't find the his
 MZ> last  episode on tape which means my wife must've forgot to record it.
 MZ> Hard as  that is to believe since she's the Highlander Goddess.

     When Methos first appeared, my reaction was "Cool, a laid back
immortal.  Bout damned time!"

     And about your wife:  remember, accidents do happen.  Forgive her and
let her back in the house... 

     BTW, the latest word is that Annie will be returning for at least a
couple of eps in season 4.

     Jack Butler
     Highlander Guru

... "The boredom of my life would kill you." -- Duncan MacLeod
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