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1995 - 1996

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music video on MTV and VH1 about killed any appreciation I had for
the group!

 GW> Then we concentrated a bit more on Arnold's humourlessly spoken
 GW> (to everyone but himself)
 JC> Having been to a con where Arnold was one of the guest speakers I can
 JC> sympathize with you.

I figure most fans would.  ;D

 GW> Since Colm Meany (Miles O'Brien on DS9) has a contract
 GW> allowing him to include his outside movie roles with his regular DS9
 GW> appearances, his stay on that series is assured for several years.
 JC> Colm has also stated that one of his main reasons for staying on DS9
 JC> is  that he gets a steady paycheck something most actors don't
 JC> receive.

Actors must eat to act, that's why soap operas are a constant revolving
door of actors.

 GW>        The subplot of Quark's nephew Nog's application to
 GW> Starfleet will surface again in the DS9 episode "Facets."
 JC> I've heard that O'brien will be "assisting" Nog with application and
 JC> training for the academy.

Which Miles will no doubt love to do.  ::ahem!::

 GW>        DS9's Benjamin Sisco (Avery Brooks) will be promoted
 GW> to captain at the end of this season.
 JC> About time!

Yeah, I thought he already WAS a captain.

 GW>        Even though Robert McNeil's Tom Paris on VOYAGER and
 GW> his earlier TNG Nick Lacarno from "The First Duty" have identical
 GW> semi-bad guy character backgrounds, the Lacarno character was rewritten
 GW> into Paris in order for Paramount to avoid paying the scripter(s) of
 GW> "The First Duty" residuals for each VOYAGER episode involving Lacarno.
 GW> (And we thought Paramount dishonestly credited or underpaid its TREK
 GW> franchise scriptwriters--AHEM!!)
 JC> Paramount is a business of making money while "trying" to give its
 JC> viewers "quality" programs.

As the current brouhaha over FOREST GUMP's writer proves.  "Greed" is
Paramount's middle name.

 GW>  To avoid an R-rating for STAR TREK VI:
 GW> THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, the Klingon blood bubbles were Pepto
 GW> Bismol-coloured.  "Purple blood," commented Arnold, "is considered
 GW> less violent than RED blood!"

 JC> Blood is blood no matter what the color it is. They still showed the
 JC> violence. Changing the color of blood because purple is less violent
 JC> than red blood is stupid. If anything they should have "cut" back on
 JC> the graphic violence while keeping the red blood.

 Well, Standards and Practice departments of networks and studios have
 strange ideas about sex and violence content, so it's not as far-fetched
 as we may like to think.

 GW> As usual, Shatner didn't sign autographs,
 JC> I know he has a signature contract with QVC but that is ridiculous!
 JC> The man gets paid $25,000 for a weekend show plus first class airline
 JC> tickets plus over $100.00 per day for food and he can't take time out
 JC> to sign autographs!

Well he needs the spare time to ride his horses!  ;D

 GW>        Despite Paramount's monetary concerns, it always
 GW> builds a new Enterprise bridge for each movie.
 JC> If Shatner said that he is either a liar or he dosen't read the books
 JC> his collaborators wrote for him. In his Movie Memories book he
 JC> clearly stated that all through the series and movies Paramount either
 JC> remade, refurbished  or upgraded the current sets.

I'm waiting for the paperback version of MOVIE MEMORIES to come out, as I
did with his first MEMORIES book (of which I ended up spending only
45 cents, thanks to my bookstore card!).

 GW>        The horseback-riding scene with Patrick Stewart in
 GW> GENERATIONS took two days to shoot, where it was up to Shatner to
 GW> teach Stewart how to ride AND to wear panty-hose *inside* his pants.
 JC> Stewart knew how to ride! Stewart was not prolific horseman like
 JC> Shatner.
 GW>        His new STAR TREK novel, ASHES OF EDEN, is part of a
 GW> planned trilogy.
 JC> Did he also state that 80% of the book was written by Gar and Judith
 JC> Stevens!

I'm still waiting for him to admit Ron Goulart (sp?) wrote his TEKWAR

 GW> He also added that VOYAGER and DS9 producer Rick Berman may consider his
 GW> screenplay for ASHES as part of another TREK film, which would inevitably
 GW> result in Captain James T. Kirk's "resurrection" for at least this
 GW> supposed movie.
 JC> I hope not after all Shatner last idea(ST5 In search of "God")was a
 JC> flop! Besides "He's dead Bill" and I hope he stays that way.

I dunno.  Won't you miss seeing two hours of his toupees?  ::gryn!::

 GW> While USA Network has canceled TEKWAR, a Canadian network is considering
 GW> producing more episodes.
 JC> At times I enjoyed TEKWAR and I hope a Canadian network will produce
 JC> more!

 So does my wife.

 GW>        Shatner said he believes VOYAGER is "more in line"
 GW> with the exploratory premise of the Original Series than DS9, even
 GW> though he admitted seeing only "Caretaker," VOYAGER's two-hour debut.
 JC> How would he know? He has admitted that he has never watched TNG or
 JC> DS9 so  how can he make a statement like that plus he only saw the
 JC> debut episode of Voyager.

Because he's a Creation Con star and is paid to say anything he wants!

 GW>        Among his most degrading entertainment assignments,
 GW> Shatner listed his role in the 1970's KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS and his
 GW> late 1960's rendition of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." He explained,
 GW> however, that the original cut included his reading from "Man from La
 GW> Mancha" intercut with his "interpretation" of the Beatles hit in order
 GW> to provide a sort of literary contrast of the times.  The purpose of
 GW> the release containing only "Lucy" was "to DEGRADE me!" Shatner
 GW> exclaimed. 
 JC> Hey the man needed work! Plus he had been through a bitter divorce
 JC> with his first wife which pratically left him pennyless and living out
 JC> of his pickup truck.(he stated that on an interview with Howard Stern)

One of his little-known "beggar" roles of the 70's *I* admire him for was
the narrator of a documentary series on entrepreneurship our high
school government class had to watch during class.

 GW> Shatner included "The City on the Edge of Forever" (which he labeled
 GW> "The City on the Edge of the River") and "The Trouble with Tribbles"
 GW> were his favorite Original Series episodes.  He also mused that the
 GW> show's finale "Turnabout Intruder" ("where a woman entered MY body!")
 GW> was one of his most unforgettable TOS shows.
 JC> Bill must be suffering from memory loss. When I last saw him at a
 JC> convention  he stated that his favorite was "The devil in the
 JC> dark"(the Horta episode) because his father died either just before
 JC> filming began or while they were filming the episode.

Well he mentioned "Devil in the Dark" in passing as a fave, too.

 GW> Since we had our fill of Shatner and parking and seating
 GW> hassles, Teri and I didn't bother to stay for the rescheduled blooper
 GW> reel. If I was teaching at Teri's school where she works, I'd stamp a
 GW> fat D-plus (D+) for the convention's grade, with the only saving graces
 GW> being the informational bits and Shatner's appearance.  If I were to
 GW> repeat my oath from last year not to attend another Creation
 GW> convention, I'd gladly do so with crossed fingers. But I'd ALSO add the
 GW> caveat that Creation needs to come up with another convention site with
 GW> better parking and audience seating AND a convention host with a
 GW> tumbleweed's inkling about handicapped accessibility issues.

 JC> Good idea!

We just have to see if Creation will take a hint.


... Attend! The! William! Shatner! School! Of ... Acting!
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In a message to All <05/27/95> Robert Lidgren wrote:

RL> I wonder if Babylon 5, ST Voyager, ST Deep Space 9 and X-Files will now be
RL> cancelled too so the networks can bring back "Lost in Space:  The 90's
RL> edition":  AAARRRRGhhhhhhhh!!!

UPN recently announced that VOYAGER will be the only series of theirs
that will be returning next season.

Sean Caszatt <-> Project Aurora

... Hey God why are you doing this to me?  -- NIN
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RE:  Your question about the two versions of MAX HEADROOM-->

-> >Max Headroom: 10 points!
-> Can anybody tell me, what the difference is between the UK and the US
-> versions of the show. Are there different actors? Different episodes? Or..??

The US version was cast with entirely different actors, as I recall.  The only
hold-over was the actor who played Max.  The British version was much better.
It had a grittier feel to it and a somewhat darker tone.  The humour was more
sophisticated.  Here in Canada we saw the entire run of both versions so I can
speak from direct knowledge.
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-> JK> Seeing that FOX announced that they cancelled the show, is it possible
-> JK> that someone else picked it up or that it might go into syndication?
-> When'd they announce this and where?

I read about the announcement of the cancellation in The Globe and Mail
newspaper this past week.
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 Subj : BEST SF

-> Harlan's been that way before all of us made our collective debut. I find
-> his general behavior amusing (looking at a child, I suppose), but he makes
-> some good points, especially if you've read "The Glass Teat" and "The Other
-> Glass Teat".  Hmmmm, now there's an idea:  A B-5 version of TGT.  I wonder
-> how long that would last...

Hi there.  I am responding to a message you posted re:  Harlan Ellison's
comments.  The point about Ellison is that NO MATTER WHAT HE SAYS the responses
are strong, heated and show that he makes so much sense so much of the time
that he CONTINUES to be a major gadfly in the science fiction/speculative
fiction arena.  He rails in a pyrotechnic way about the antics of weird SF fans
and documents said opinions with a myriad of examples.  The one that I can't
get out of my head is his stpory about a sci-fi conference he attended where
another author was approached by a "fan" as he entered an elevator.  The guy
simply ran up and dumped a cup of fresh vomit on his clothing.  Not a word was
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