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 Subj : Re: SeaQuest Survives

She said she would take the Captaintancy job in the season finale. I remeber
because Cmdr. Ford was offered 300000 dollars a year to do it and she was
offered 400000 dollars a year, she said that it was a fact the women make better
captains of merchant ships.

--- Maximus 2.02
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Andrew Clarke                       1:109/369       . 27 . 95 20:35
 To   : Barry Blaes
 Subj : Re: Not SLIDERS

 -=> Quoting John Kahane to Barry Blaes <=-

 JK> On , Barry Blaes wrote to Frank Swarbrick:

 BB> If you or anyone else wishes to help keep the show on the
 BB> air you can send via the Internet a mail message to
 BB> "sliders@delphi.com".

 BB> Tell them you like the show and want to see them renew the show.

How would I go about doing that if I'm not on any services like AOL or
Compuserve and don't have an Internet address?

Andrew Clarke

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
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 From : Steven Skaggs                       1:3608/250      . 27 . 95 23:36
 To   : Mark Jones
 Subj : Re: Star Wars

.TID: WILDMAIL!/WC v4.12  94-2198

 -=> Quoting Mark Jones to Steven Skaggs <=-

 MJ> There are several possibilities:

 MJ> ...because he's out of ideas.  He has no clue what to do next, and
 MJ> is "vamping" desperately, hoping to come up with something.  (People
 MJ> have been hearing this "any day now" stuff for nearly twenty years.
 MJ> It would be embarrassing to admit that the well is dry.)

 No, I believe he has said what the other movies or going to be about, at
 least in a general sense. He has had the basic idea for quite some time.

 MJ> ...because he doesn't *want* to do it, but can't find a way to
 MJ> gracefully back out of it.  (People have been hearing this "any day
 MJ> now" stuff for nearly twenty years.  It would be embarrassing to admit
 MJ> that he just doesn't want to do it.)

 Lucas hasn't been saying "any day now". He has said several times over the
 past several years that the first one will be out before 2000. I don't
 really see why he would keep saying he is going to make new ones when he
 doesn't want to.

 MJ> ...because keeping the hope alive helps fan the flames, selling
 MJ> videos, toys, games and whatnot to all the fans who continue to slaver
 MJ> for more; i.e., pure cynical profiteering.

 Yeah, he really needs the money. 0
 I wonder how much he's making from ILM alone?

 MJ> I don't claim that any of these is accurate--only that they *could*
 MJ> be.  There are plenty of reasons not to make a new trilogy, possibly
 MJ> more reasons than there are to do it.
 MJ> Consider:
 MJ> Lucas has got to have more money than he can every spend; Star Wars
 MJ> was HUGE.  Not to mention a few little projects like Indiana Jones
 MJ> that didn't do badly either.  He simply isn't *hungry*.
 MJ> Also, everyone will be expecting the new trilogy to be at least as
 MJ> big as the original films.  That's a huge cross to bear.  If it
 MJ> doesn't turn into a gold mine, he'll be seen to have failed (Hollywood
 MJ> has a very short memory).
 MJ> If it isn't as mind-blowingly novel as the first film was (and I
 MJ> don't think it *can* be), again he'll be seen as having failed.
 MJ> So...he has a lot to lose (losing money and getting panned hurts
 MJ> even if you can live on the profits from the earlier films for the
 MJ> rest of your life) if it doesn't all go perfectly.  And it almost
 MJ> certainly won't go perfectly.

 Maybe there are more reasons not to make a new trilogy then there is to make
 one. But that doesn't explain why he keeps saying that he will make another
 one. George Lucas is set for life as far as money is concerned. Star Wars
 will always be remembered and I don't see how George Lucas would ever be
 considered a failure. Sequels are rarely as good as the originals but Empire
 Strikes back and Return of the Jedi were sequels and both were very good
 (at least I think so) and all did extremely well. Same goes for the
 Indiana Jones movies.

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 152 of 384
 From : Michael Vergara                     1:2605/631      .c 28 . 95 00:10
 To   : Frank Swarbrick
 Subj : Sliders & VR.5 cancelled!

.TID: GE 1.11+
[FRANK SWARBRICK  Sliders & VR.5 cancelled!]

 FS> Of course, we do get the new show Space.  Hope that one works out.

What is it about?  I've heard is it's about a bunch of military cadets who get
stuck right in the middle of a big war.

 FS> Saw White Dwarf last night.  So so, but I doubt it will become a
 FS> series.

I agree.  It was interesting (only because it was strange), but it didn't really
hold my attention (I kept channel surfing during the show).  I do wish that VR.5
wasn't cancelled -- as for Sliders, I knew a lot of people in my area that it.
I thought that would be a show which would have lasted at least another season.


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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 153 of 384
 From : Bryan Browder                       1:147/61        .c 28 . 95 00:40
 To   : Gary Warren
 Subj : Re: Sliders

.NOTE: IceEdit 1.30 [Eval]
.TID: FastEcho 1.41/g 8036

GW> As I've said before, both VR5 and SLIDERS are long gone, as of early
GW> this week.

    That's too bad. Sliders is simply a fun show.


--- FastEcho 1.41g
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 154 of 384
 From : Bryan Browder                       1:147/61        .c 28 . 95 00:49
 To   : David Johnston
 Subj : Voyager Nose Diving?

.NOTE: IceEdit 1.30 [Eval]
.TID: FastEcho 1.41/g 8036

DJ> Essentially this means that we have three mature starship officers
DJ> and four young adult starship officers. I don't see the problem.
DJ> The original crew was every bit as "young". Only if you are using
DJ> a Picard median would Voyager's crew be described as barely post
DJ> puberty.

    No crew is like the next ( or previous ). Comparing one crew to another is
like comparing green and red apples. Each has its pro and con but neither one is
particularly 'bad'.


--- FastEcho 1.41g
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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 155 of 384
 From : Chris Carter                        1:105/302.23    .c 28 . 95 01:32
 To   : Jeff Hancock
 Subj : Vorlon Immortality

 JH> An _unused_ scene? You mean you've gotten hold of a
 JH> "director's cut", or just a scene that hasn't had any
 JH> reference made to it since?

Hot off the 'Lost Scenes' webpage at Hyperion, here's a cut that
didn't make final edit of the B5 pilot, "The Gathering."

[begin text import]

The following scene is excerpted from the script for "The
Gathering." It was filmed, but was eliminated from the final cut due
to time restraints. Earlier in the story, Dr. Benjamin Kyle has
had...an encounter with what is inside the Vorlon's encounter suit.


 where Laurel and Kyle look through the glass at Kosh.

                So, Doctor...just what *did* you see
                when you looked inside that suit?

                      (a long beat, then:)
                There are moments in your life when
                everything crystallizes.  When the
                whole world reshapes itself, right
                down to its component molecules, and
                everything changes.
                I've looked upon the face of a
                Vorlon, Laurel...and nothing's the
                same anymore.

 And, his thoughts distant, Kyle moves off, leaving Laurel
 to peer through the mist at the shrouded figure within the
 isolab, and wonder....

[end text import]

Not exactly *revealing*, but at the very least, we know that folks
who see Kosh don't come away from the experience unchanged.

Chris - carter@teleport.com

--- cPoint v2.17/FreeWare
 * Origin: Carter's Conspicuous Consumption (1:105/302.23)

 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 156 of 384
 From : Mark Jones                          1:105/302.47    .c 28 . 95 02:47
 To   : Jeff Hancock
 Subj : ST: The Next Generation

On (24 May 95) Jeff Hancock wrote to Mark Jones...

 MJ> uses it to rewrite every cell in her body so that a week later
 MJ> (by the next episode) she is back to square one (and completely
 MJ> unaffected [.....] (And if they can do *that* to her, why the
 MJ> hell couldn't they recreate Neelix's lungs?)
 JH> Because they didn't have a week before Neelix would have died?


Wrong--but thanks for playing!

Neelix was perfectly capable of living for an indefinite period while
in that stasis field, with the holo-lungs doing his breathing for him.
 They had *plenty* of time to clone up some new ones.  (And a good,
old-fashioned "heart-lung machine" -- as seen in real-world hospitals
all over the USA today -- could have kept him alive when they switched
off the holo-lungs to install the real ones....)

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 [17] SFFAN (2:463/2.5)  SFFAN 
 Msg  : 157 of 384
 From : Mark Jones                          1:105/302.47    .c 28 . 95 02:51
 To   : David Johnston
 Subj : Sliders - Bathroom? Wash

On (25 May 95) David Johnston wrote to Scott Gates...

 DJ> -> The energy requirements are too large to replicate large
 DJ> -> objects, instead, they replicate component parts then let
 DJ> -> humans assemble them.
 DJ> Um...the energy requirements in order to replicate a large object are
 DJ> identical to those required to replicate all of it's components, no
 DJ> matter how the replicators work.

True enough--but not the whole story.  (I agree that the "we can't
replicate really *big* things argument is an excuse for not making
full use of the technology, but....)

My modem is capable of transmitting as much data as anyone else's--but
only at 2400 baud (yes, I'm using stone-age technology here).
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