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Медицина - Различные авторы Весь текст 503.51 Kb

Улучшение зрения без очков по методу Бэйтса

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      6. Agarwal, Raghubir Saran. Secrets of Indian medicine.
(An  exposition  of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in modern terms and
principles of synthetic system of treatment).- 2d  enl.  ed.-
Delhi: Dr. Agarwal's eye inst, 1958.- 173 p.
      7.  Agarwal, Raghubir Saran. Secrets of Indian medicine
(Ayurveda); an exposition of vata, pitta and kapha in  modern
terms  and  principles  of  synthetic  system  of treatment.-
Delhi: Dr. Agarwal's Eye Institute, 1953.- 23 p.
      8. Agarwal, Raghubir Saran. Secrets of Indian medicine.
Synthesis of all systems of medicine.- 3d. ed. - Pondicherry:
Ashram, 1971.- 240 p.
      9.  Agarwal,  Raghubir  Saran.  Synthetic  research  in
ophthalmology;   an  attempt  of  unification  of  allopathy,
Ayurveda, homeopathy and nature cure.- Delhi:  Dr.  Agarwal's
Eye Institute, 1948.- 12 p.
      10. Agarwal, Raghubir Saran. Yoga of perfect sight with
letters  of  sri  Aurobindo. A guide to develop perfect sight
and the divine vision.- Pondicherry, 1971.- 206 p.
     11. Aldous Huxley's vision // Journal  of  the  American
Medical Association.- vol.122.- July 31.- 1943.- p.951.
     12.  Barber, Theodore Xenophon. LSD, marihuana, yoga and
hypnosis.- Chicago, 1970.- 337 p.
     13.  Basilio  Gomez,  Juan.  Como  se recupera la vision
normal: el  metodo  natural  del  oftalmologo  norteamericano
doctor W.H.Bates por J. de S'Agaro [pseud.] - 4 ed. reformada
y ampliada - Barcelona: LEDA, 1961.- 95 p.
     14.  Bates  W.H.  The  Bates  method for better eyesight
without glasses.-  New  York:  Holt,  Rinehart  and  Winston,
1981.- 200 p.
     15.  Bates  W.H. The Bates method for good sight without
glasses.- London: Faber and  Faber,  1944.-  159  p.  (A  new
revised  edit.  of  "The cure of imperfect sight by treatment
without glasses).
     16. Bates W.H. Better  eyesight  without  glasses.-  New
Delhi: Orient paperbacks, 1987.- 199 p.
     17.  Bates  W.H.  Blindness  relieved by a new method of
treatment. Report  of  case.-  7  p.-  //  New  York  medical
Journal.- Feb.5.- 1917.
     18.  Bates  W.H. A case of miopie refraction relieved by
eye education.- 4 p.- // Medical Record.- New  York.-  1912.-
Ixxxii, 851 (Nov.9, 19..).
     19.  Bates  W.H. The cause of myopia // New York medical
journal.- 1912.- vol.XCV.- N 11.- p.529-532.
     20. Bates W.H. A  clinical  and  experimental  study  of
physiological  optics.- 8 p.- // American journal of clinical
medicine.- Chicago.- July.- 1921.
     21.  Bates  W.H.  The  cure  of  defective  eyesight  by
treatment  without glasses; or, The radical cure of errors of
refraction  by  means  of  central   fixation.-   New   York:
A.R.Elliott Publ. Co., 1915.- 26 p.
     22.  Bates W.H. The cure of imperfect sight by treatment
without glasses.- New York city: Central Fixation  Publishing
company, 1920.- 313 p.
     23.  Bates  W.H. Eye training for the cure of functional
myopia // New York medical journal.- 1912.- vol.XCV.- N  20.-
     24. Bates, W.H. How to use the Snellen test card for the
prevention  and  cure  of  imperfect  sight  in  children and
adults.- New York  city:  Central  fixation  publishing  Co.,
19--.- 4 p.
     25.  Bates  W.H. Imagination and vision.- 6 p.- // Jour.
Allied med. assoc. of Amer.- Oct.- 1921.
     26. Bates W.H. The imperfect sight of the normal eye  //
New York medical journal.- Sept.8.- 1917.
     27.  Bates  W.H.  Improving  the  sight  of soldiers and
sailors and relieving pain.- New York, 1918.- 7 p.
     28. Bates W.H. Memory as an aid to vision.- 10 p.//  New
York medical journal.- May 24.- 1919.
     29. Bates W.H. Myopia prevention by teachers // New York
medical journal.- 1913.- vol.xcviii.- pp.410-413.
     30. Bates W.H. De la myopie fonctionnelle // La Clinique
ophtalmologique.- Paris.- 1912.- xviii.- pp.188-191.
     31. Bates W.H. Perfect sight without glasses.- New York:
Central fixation publishing company, 1920.
     32.  Bates  W.H.  The  prevention  of  myopia  in school
children // New York medical journal.-  1911.-  vol.xciv.-  N
5.- pp.237-238.
     33.  Bates W.H. The radical cure of errors of refraction
by means of central fixation // New  York  medical  journal.-
1915.- vol.CI.- N 19.- pp.925-933.
     34.  Bates  W.H.  Rechtes  Sehen  ohne  Brille.  Heilung
fehlerhaften Sehens durch Behandlung  ohne  Brille  /  Autor.
Ubers.aus   dem   Engl.   von  Elsbeth  Friedrichs.-  Grimma:
P.Schrecker, 1931.- 353 s.
     35. Bates W.H. Shifting as an aid to vision.- 7 p.// New
York medical journal.- July 3.- 1920.
     36. Bates W.H. Throw away your glasses.- 15 p.// Heart's
internat.- Sept.- 1923.
     37. Bates W.H. Treatment of  myopia  without  glasses.//
Medical Record.- New York.- 1894.- xIv.- pp.104-106.
     38.  Bates  W.H. The vision of a case of myopia improved
by treatment without glasses //  Virginia  Medical  Monthly.-
Richmond.- 1891-1892.- xviii.- pp.941-943.
     39.   Benjamin,   Harry.   Adventure   in   living;  the
autobiography of a myope.- London: Health for all  pub.  co.,
1950.- 192 p.
     40. Benjamin,  Harry.  Better  sight  without  glasses.-
London: Health for all publ.co., 1958.- 106 p.
     41.  Beswick,  Ethel.  Eyes, their use and abuse; how to
improve defective vision.- Ashingdon: Daniel, 1948.- 44 p.
     42. Beswick K. Good eyesight: Our  birthright.-  London,
n.d.- 58 p.
     43.  Better  eyesight (a monthly magazine devoted to the
prevention and cure  of  imperfect  sight  without  glasses.-
vols. 1-14; July 1919 - June 1930)/ Ed. Bates W.H.- New York,
N.Y.: Central fixation publishing company [1919-1930].
     44. Bragg, Patricia. Bragg system to better  eye-sight.-
10th print.- Santa Ana (Calif.): Health science, 1973.- 33 p.
     45. Corbett, Margaret Darst.  Help  yourself  to  better
sight.- 1st ed.- New York: Prentice Hall, 1949.- 218 p.
     46.  Corbett, Margaret Darst. How to improve your sight;
simple daily drills in relaxation.- rev.ed.- New York:  Crown
Publishers, 1953.- 93 p.
     47.  Corbett,  Margaret  Darst.  A quick guide to better
vision. How to have good eyesight without glasses.- Englewood
Cliffs (N.J.): Prentice-Hall, cop.1957.- 114 p.
     48.  Corbett,  Margaret  Darst.  Vedere   meglio   senza
occiali...- Milano: Longanesi and c., 1950.- 302 стр.
     49.  Corbett, Margaret Darst. Yoga des yeux: Cet ouvrage
inspire des travaux du Dr. Bates, est une adapt. de  l'oeuvre
de Margaret Darst Corbett "Help yourself to better sight" par
le Dr. Rene-Etienne Longue.- Verviers: Marabout,  1979.-  250
     50.  Cornsweet  T.N.,  Crane  H.D.  Training  the visual
accomodation system // Vision Res.- 13:713, 1973.
     51. Curtin, Brian J.  The  Myopias:  Basic  science  and
clinical management.- Philadelphia, 1985.- 495 p.
     52.  Devaraj  T.L.  Speaking  of: Ayurvedic Remedies for
Common Diseases.- New Delhi, 1988.
     53. Duke-Elder W.S. The Art  of  Seeing  by  A.L.Huxley,
Book  review  //  British  Medical Journal.- vol.1.- May 22.-
1943.- p.635.
     54.  Friedrichs,  Elsbeth.  Lernt  wieder  sehen!   Neue
Heilwege    fur    kranke    Augen.    Eine   Anleitung   zur
Selbstbehandlung Sehstorungen  und  zur  Aneignung  grosserer
Sehscharfe  fur Augenkranke und Gesunde. Nach den Grundsatzen
des W.H.Bates dargestellt von Elsbeth Friedrichs.-  6  Aufl.-
Lorch: Karl-Rohm, 1931.- 135 стр.
     55. Galton, Lawrence. Improve your sight without glasses
// Coronet Magazine.- October.- 1955.
     56. Hackett, Clara A. & Galton, Lawrence. Relax and see.
A  daily  guide  to  better vision.- London: Faber and Faber,
1957.- 282 p.
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glasses.- London: Faber and Faber limited, 1941.- 80 p.
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glasses.- New York: Tempo books, inc., 1932.- 162 p.
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unconventional  medicine:  A  health  manual  for  the  whole
person.- New York and London, 1979.- 240 p.
     60.  Hofstetter  H.W.  Optometry: Professional, economic
and legal aspects.- St. Louis, 1964.- 412 p.
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Knopf, 1979.
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York-London: Harper and brothers, 1942.- 273 p.
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York.- vol.111.- April 21.- 1943.- p.24.
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// The Optician.- vol.141.- N  3646.-  February  17.-  1961.-
     65.   LeCron   L.   Experimental  Hypnosis.-  New  York:
Macmillan, 1954.
     66. Lierman, Emily C. Stories from the clinic.- New York
city: Central fixation publishing co., 1926.- 259 p.
     67. Macfadden, Bernarr Adolphus. Strengthening the eyes;
a  system  of  scientific  eye training.- New York: Macfadden
publications, inc., 1924.- 201 p.
     68. Macfadyen, Ralph J. See without glasses.- Greenwich,
Conn., 1963.- 176 p.
     69. Macfadyen, Ralph I. Weg mit der Brille!  Das  Heilen
von  Augenleiden  und  die  Wissenschaft vom richtigen ehen.-
Stuttgart: Gunther, 1964.- 228 s.
     70.  Mangin-Millot,   Georgette.   Vos   yeux;   comment
conserver  une  bonne  vue,  reeduquer la vision, corriger le
strabisme,  supprimer  les  lunettes,  comment  embellir  vos
yeux.- Paris: Editions Medicis, 1949.- 102 p.
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glasses.- New York: Centro-Vision institute, 1928.
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// Archives of Ophthalmology.- vol.26.- June.- 1943.- p.636.
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London-Melbourne: Ward, Lock & co., 1956.- 153 p.
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asanas for specific diseases.- Bombay, 1987.
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eye-defects.- 5th edition.- Pudukkottai, 1956.- 60 p.
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Baltimore, 1957.- 523 p.
     77. Sivananda, Swami. Health and  hygiene.  Anatomy  and
physiology.- 1st edition.- Rishikesh, 1957.- 423 p.
     78.  Sgrosso  S.  Il  metodo  di  Bates  al vaglio di un
oculista // La riforma medica.- Napoli.- 1952.-  Anno  LXVI.-
N37.- pp. 1009-1010.
     79.   Snyder   C.  Bates,  Huxley  and  myself  //  Int.
Ophthalmol. Clin.- 2:921.- 1962.
     80.  Thomson,  Charles  Leslie.  Your  sight.  Care  and
improvement by natural methods.- London: Thorsons, 1956.- 101
     81.  Windolph,  Michael.  Easy  eye exercises for better
vision. Self-helps to sight improvement.- Hicksville  (N.Y.):
Exposition press, c.1974.- 159 p.
     82.  Глазные болезни: Учебник / Под ред.Т.И.Ерошевского,
А.А.Бочкаревой.- 2-е изд., перераб.  и  доп.-  М.:  Медицина,
1983. - 448 с.
     83.  Ковалевский  Е.И. Глазные болезни.- 3-е изд., пере-
раб. и доп.- М.: Медицина, 1986.
     84.  Советский  энциклопедический  словарь  /  Гл.  ред.
А.М.Прохоров.- 3-е изд.- М.: Сов. энциклопедия, 1985.- 1600 с.

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