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SCP-127: Живое оружие
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty |#17| Media Blitz
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty |#16| Supernova
DARK SOULS™: REMASTERED |#14| Gravelord Nito

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     A James Blish - A Case of Conscience
     C Clifford D.Simak - The Big Front Yard
     D Robert Bloch - The Hell-Bound Train
     Most promising new writer: Brian W.Aldiss


     A Robert A Heinleine - Starship Troopers
     D Daniel Keyes - Flowers For Algernone
     Special award 'The Fater Of Magazine Science
     Fiction': Hugo Gernsback


     A Walter M.Miller, Jr. - A Canticle For Leibowitz
     D Poul Anderson - The Logest Voyage


     A Robert A. Heinleine - Stranger in a Strange Land
     D Brian W. Aldiss - The Hothouse Series


     A Philip K.Dick - The Man in the High Castle
     D Jack Vance - The Dragon Masters
     Special award: I.Asimov (For Distinguished
     Contribution to the Field)


     A Clifford D.Simak - Way Station
     D Pohl Anderson - No Truce With Kings


     A Fritz Leiber - The Wanderer
     D Gordon R.Dickson - Soldier, Ask Not


     A Roger Zelazny - And Call Me Conrad
     A Frank Herbert - Dune
     D Harlan Ellison - 'Repent Harlequin!' Said the Tickockman
     Best All-Time Series: Foundation Series by I.Asimov


     A Robert A.Heinleine - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
     C Jack Vance - The Last Castle
     D Larry Niven - Neutron Star


     A Larry Niven - Ringworld
     B Fritz Leiber - I'll Met in Lankhmar
     D Theodore Sturgeon - Slow Sculpture


     A Philip Jose Farmer - To Your Scattered Bodies Go
     B Pohl Anderson - The Queen Of Air and Darkness
     D Larry Niven - Inconstant Moon


     A Isaac Asimov - The Gods Themselves
     B Ursula Le Guin - The Word for World is Forest
     B Pohl Anderson - Goat Songs
     D R.A.Lafferty - Eurema's Dam
     D Frederic Pohl & C.M.Cornbluth - The Meeting


     A Arthur C.Clarke - Rendezvous With Rama
     B James Tiprtee, Jr. -The Girl Who Was Plogged
     C Harlan Ellison - The Deathbird
     D Ursula Le Guin - The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas


     A Ursula Le Guin - The Dispossessed
     B George R.Martin - A Song For Lya
     C Harlan Ellison - Adrift Just Off The Islets of Langrhans: Latitude
                   38* S 4'N, Longtitude 77*00'13"W
     D Larry Niven - The Hole Man


     A Kate Wilhelm - Where Late the Sweet Birds Song
     B Spider Robinson - By Any Other Name
     C James Tiptree, Jr. - Houston, Houston, Do You Read?
     D Joe Holdeman - Tricentennial


     A Frederic Pohl - Gateway
     B Spider Robinson - Stardance
     C Joan Vinge - Eyes Of Amber
     D Harlan Ellison - Jerry Is Five


     A Wonda McIntyre - Dreamsnake
     B John Varley - The Persistence Of Vision
     C Pohl Anderson - Hanber's Moon
     D C.J Sherryh - Cassandra


     A Arthur C.Clarke - Fountains Of Paradize
     B Barry Longear - Enemy Mine
     C George Martin - Sandkings
     D George Martin - The Way Of Cross And Dragon


     A Joan Vinge - The Snow Queen
     B Gordon Dickson - The Last Dorsai
     C Gordon Dickson - The Cloak & the Staff
     D Clifford D.Simak - Grotto Of the Dancing Deer


     A Isaac Asimov - Foundation's Edge
     B Joana Russ - Souls
     C Connie Willis - Firewatch
     D Spider Robinson - The Melancholy Elefants


     A William Gibson - Neuromanser
     B John Varley - Press 'Enter'
     C Octavia Butler - Blood Child
     D David Brin - The Crystal Spheres


     A David Brin - Starride Rising
     C Timothy Zahn - Cascade Point
     D Greg Bear - Blood Music


     A David Brin - The Postman
       Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game
       C.J.Cherryh - Cuckoo's Egg
     B C.J.Cherryh - The Scape Goat
       Kim Robinson - Green Mars
       Robert Silverberg - Sailing To Byzantium
       James Tiprtee, Jr. - The Only Neat Thing To Do
       Roger Zelazny - 24 Views of Mount Fuji By Hokusai
     C Michael Bishop - A Gift From the Graylanders
       Harlan Ellison - Palladin of the Lost Hour
       George R.R.Martin - Portraits Of His Children
     D Frederik Pohl - Fermi & Frost


     A David Brin - The Uplift War
     B Orson Scott Card - Eye For Eye
     C Ursula Le guin - Buffalo Gals, Won't you Come Out Tonight
     D Lawrence Watt-Evans - Why I Left Harry's Allnight, Hamburgers
     John Campbell's Award For The Best Debutant: Judith Moffett 'Big
                   Heart' Award: Andre Norton


     A Dan Simmons - Hyperion
     B Lois McMaster - The Mountains of Morning
     C R.Silverberg - Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another
     D Suzy McKee Charnas - Boobs
     Best Non-Fiction Book: Alexei and Cory Panshin - The World Beyond
                   The Hill
     Best Professional Editor: Gardner Dozois (в 3-й раз)
     Best Dramatic Presentation: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
     Best Semiprozine: "Locus" (ed.Charles N.Brown) (в 15-й раз)
     Best Fanzine: "The Mad 3 Party" (ed.Leslie Turek)
     Best Professional Artist: Don Maitz
     Best Fan Writer: Dave Langford
     Best Fan Artist: Stu Shiffman

Books by Philip K. Dick
для которых известно количество страниц

? - расхождение с библиографией Джона Венна

   Clans of the Alphane Moon 268 p.
   The Cosmic Puppets 192 p.
   Deus Irae 192 p. (with R. Zelazny)
?   Dr. Bloodmoney 304 p.
   Dr. Futurity 160 p.
?   The Game-Players of Titan
   I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon 192 p.
   In Milton Lumky Territory 224 p.
   Martian Time-Slip 224 p.
?   The Maze of Death
   The Penultimate Truth 225 p.
?   Puttering Around in a Small Land 225 p.
   A Scanner Darkly 224 p.
   The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch 192 p.
   Time Out of Joint 264 p.
   The Transmigration of Timothy Archer 255 p.
?   UBIK 176 p.
?   UBIK: The Screenplay 160 p.
   The Unteleported Man 208 p.

Books by Philip K. Dick
Blade Runner
Clans of the Alphane Moon 268 p.
The Cosmic Puppets 192 p.
Dr. Bloodmoney 304 p.
Dr Futurity 160 p.
Eye in the Sky
Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said
The Game-Players of Titan
I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon 192 p.
In Milton Lumky Territory 224 p.
The Man in the High Castle
The Man Whoose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike
Martian Time-Slip 224 p.
The Maze of Death
Now Wait for Last Year
The Penultimate Truth 225 p.
Puttering Around in a Small Land 225 p.
Radio Free Albemuth
A Scanner Darkly 224 p.
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch 192 p.
Time Out of Joint 264 p.
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer 255 p.
VBIK 176 p.
VBIK: The Screenplay 160 p.
The Unteleported Man 208 p.
Vulcan's Hammer
The World Jones Made
The Zap Gun
with R. Zelazny: Deus Irae 192 p.

Science Fiction Research Jan 1993
Bruce Sterling (bruces@well.sf.ca.us)

P. O Box 38
Sausalito, CA 94966-9932
$20/yr; four issues

MONDO 2000
P O Box 10171
Berkeley, CA 94709-5171
$24 five issues more or less quarterly

bOING bOING (World's Greatest Neurozine)
11288 Ventura Blvd #818
Studio City CA 91604
$14/ 4 issues kind of quarterly

P.O.Box 191826
San Francisco CA 94119-1826
$19.95/ six issues per year

P O Box 18539
Asheville, NC 28814
$10 three issues; two a year, more or less

P O Box 7058
Red Oak, IA 51591-2058
$34.95 thirteen issues a year

P O Box 56
Cornwall, CT 06753
$26 twelve issues a year

SF-TH Inc.
Arthur B. Evans
East College
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN 46135-0037
$14 three issues/yr

Mark Ziesing Books
PO Box 76
Shingletown, CA 96088
$1/ catalog

Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL)
27 Gate Five Rd
Sausalito CA 94966
$15/mo; $2/hr
(415) 332-4335


Computers and Academic Freedom

Computer Underground Digest


RISKS Digest

Media Magic
PO Box 507
Nicasio, CA 94946
computer graphics/ chaos/ scientific visualization/ cyberspace/ virtual reality
free catalog

                 Майкл Бишоп (Michael Bishop)
    Родился 12 ноября 1941 г. в Линкольне, штат Небраска. Окон-
чил университет штата Джорджия (Атенс),  в 1967 г. получил сте-
пень бакалавра,  в 1968 - степень магистра.  Служил в  ВВС  США
преподавателем английского  языка  в подготовительной школе при
Академии ВВС (1968-72) в чине капитана.
                       Основные награды:
    Небьюла-82     Оживление
    Небьюла-83     Нет врага, кроме времени
                 Основные книжные публикации:
    1. Глаза огня. A funeral for the eyes of fire '75
    в 1980 - пересмотренный вариант: Eyes of fire
    2. И странные в Эсбатане деревья.  And strange at Eebathane
       the trees = Beneath the shattered moons '76
    3. Украденные лица. Stolen faces '77
    4, Окна и зеркала. Windows and mirrors '77
    5. Немного знаний. A little knowledge '77
    6. Годы катакомб. Catacombs years '79
    7. Преображения. Transfigurations '79
    Расширенная версия повести "Смерть и назначение среди  аса-
    ди", 1973
    8. (+Ян Ватсон) Под мостом небес. Under heaven's bridge '81
    9. Нет врага, кроме времени. No enemy but time '82
    10. (сборник) Окровавленный в Арахне. Blooded on Arachne '82
    11. (сборник) Одна зима в Эдеме. One winter in Eden '84
    12. Кто сделал Стиви Круя? Who made Stevie Crye? '84
    13. Древность дней. Ancient of day '85
    На русском языке ничего не издавалось.

   Frank Herbert   Фpэнк Хеpбеpт   1920-1986

   Under pressure [1956] [aka "The Dragon in the sea] - Под давлением
                              ["Моpской дpакон", "Сyбмаpина 21 века"]
   Dune [1965] - Дюна
   The eyes of Heisenberg [1966] - Глаза Гейзенбеpга
   Destination: void [1966] - Напpавление - пyстота
   The green brain [1966] - Зеленый мозг
   The Santaroga barrier [1968] - Баpьеp Сантаpоги
   The heaven makers [1968] - Создатели небес
   Dune messiah [1969] - Мессия Дюны
   The worlds of Frank Herbert [1970] [C] - Миpы Фpэнка Хеpбеpта (сб.)
   Whipping star [1970] - Звезда под бичом
   The God makers [1972] - Создатели Бога
   Soul catcher [1972] - Ловец дyши
   The book of Frank Herbert [1973] [C] - Книга Фpэнка Хеpбеpта (сб.)
   Hellstrome's hive [1973] - Улей Хеллстpома
   The best of Frank Herbert [1975] [C] - Лyчшее Фpэнка Хеpбеpта (сб.)
   Childrens of Dune [1976] - Дети Дюны
   The Dosadi experiment [1977] - Досадийский экспеpимент
   The Jesus incident [1979] (с Биллом Рэндомом) - Инцидент с Иисyсом
   Direct descent [1980] - Пpямой спyск
   The priests of Psi and other stories [1980] [C] - Святые Пси (сб.)
   The God-Emperor of Dune [1981] - Бог-Импеpатоp Дюны
   The white plaque [1982] - Белая Чyма
   The Lasarus effect [1983] (с Биллом Рэндомом) - Эффект Лазаpя
   Heretics of Dune [1984] - Еpетики Дюны
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